Transferable visa.

What's the conditions for transferable visa? and is tourist visa tranferable?..


The Tourist Visa is issued in your name by the Ministry. Who do you want to transfer it to? Another person? No way.

So then how it would be proceesed, in other wother word what's the way?..

tourist visa is non-transferable at all, you must have some company or local to be under its/his sponsorship.

abdel, apply for it on the government website. Or ask a hotel or a travel agency.

hotel cant arrange you a tranferable visa anyway! they are not allowed to do that.

What I 'd like to know in fact's, is it possible while in Qatar to find a job and thus to regularise documents..

Everything is possible in Qatar. But there is no guarantee.

sure, hotel visa will be for 3 months, that means during your stay of 3 months over here, you can submit your documents & walk in interview, rest depends on luck & abilities.

pls explain about attestation of certificates

I will enter Qatar with a working visa and my family will be in tourist visa. After obtaining my RP can I transfer my family's tourist visa to a family visit visa? What are the procedures and requirements?

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