UAE Driving license converted to Qatar Driving license

My Husband and me are Indian nationals and have a
10 year UAE driving license (issued in Abu Dhabi) can we get it directly converted to Qatari Driving License without giving a Road Test?


i got my abu dhabi license converted without any difficulty four years ago. Didnt need a test either.

Would can get it changed in doha with your UAE L/C

you can get it changed in doha with your UAE L/C

You dont need any test here, if you hav got the UAE license. The only thing you need to do is go to Traffic Police Station at Madinat Khalifa and do the EYE TEST. After that you can get your Qatari Driving License there itself by showing your Eye test result and your valid UAE license. Also need to pay around 100QR(I guess).

I converted my Dubai license to Qatar licence today. Was very easy. Take a photo copy front and back of your UAE license, bank card for payment, eye test, photo copy of ID card, 1 passport size photo. I did not even need NOC letter from my employer. The traffic department was very organised and process was very quick.

Thank You ALL for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I am so glad i dont have to go thru the hassel again of giving rigorous written and road tests.

You can go directly to Madinat Khalifa Traffic Dept. with your eye test and qatar id copy then have it converted there for QR 250.00

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