What are the documents needed for Driving Licence renewal ?

What are the documents required for renewal of D/L ?


nothing only the old one maybe eye test
Hi, thnx yr guidance, I got it done. Yeah, they just need yr old licence & a one page appl. form with yr pic on it and the fee QR.250/- Eye test is only case of any variation from previous i.e. if you wear a spec. now and not before or vice versa.
I just renewed my driving license Today - 07 July 2009 –Location -Mathar Khadeem police station. No eye test; no application form .Just give them Old license + ATM card +New Photo. New license will be ready instantly.Fee 250QR ; No queue in the morning.
i am on arrival Visit Visa . i have UAE Employment visa. i dit it work in qatar university .i want to need urgent basis draving licence . 1 can i take here draving licence ? 2 before i have no any licence ? i cannot drive but i want take full draving learning here in draving school 3 which school is timing available in 7:00PM to 8 PM: 4 my accomodation is near madina khalifa which draving school is near by madina khlifa what draving school is provide during the learning transportation Please replay me basharatahmed 06@gmail.com 55802149
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