What To Bring and Not To Bring

Hi. I'll be working in Doha as an IT/Programmer next month for a contract of 2 years.

I am bit hesitant to bring my laptop with me since it has some unlicensed software that I need for my programming tasks. My brother told me that in Riyadh they sort of insert a special USB flash drive to detect illegal/pornographic materials in your laptop. Do they also do that in Doha?

Any tips on what to bring and not what to bring. Thanks!


You could back-up your important programs and re-install them once you are in Qatar if you are not sure.

bring anything you want with you , ure totally clear...

and bring the latest from jenna jameson and tera patrick...


I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise

email me a copy when you get here...been a while since i saw jenna!!!!

my laptopwasnt scanned so doubt it true?

First you talk about unlicensed software you need for "programming" then you talk about pornography - what the heck are you programming?

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I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise

are you into Editing Pornographic Movies?!


nope, they don't have anything such USB here.



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Nic Nic

Personally, I don't think it's anybody's business, what he brings in his laptop!


You may bring your laptop with anything you may have stored in it and it will NOT be checked by Qatari Customs upon your arrival.

_noms_ ...there are guys who do that for a living...lol

Maybe danmbuen is one of them....:)

There is no such detecting machines in Qatar !!! :-)


I don't want a Signature line to prove that I'm great !!

bring lot of dignity with you, you sure gonna loose some here


sorry to disappoint you guys but i don't edit pornographic materials! =)

i think i'll follow boston's recommendation and back-up my programs and just re-install them.


p.s. phoenix2009: i'll share some just in case you need more hehehe... :)

Never had my laptops 'scanned' that way.... at most, the typical 'sniff' for explosives.

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