Where is Al Kebra Driving School?

Can anyone please tell me how to go to Al Kebra Driving School? I know it's in Abu Hamour but a more detailed information would be great.




I got my driving license from there !! :)

well, it is in abuhamour.. back side of MES Indian School..

If u are coming from hilal round about straight to abou hamour round about, take right from there, u get a new signal..

take left from there and go straight.. u get a small temporary round about .. go straight ..

Before reaching mesameir police station there is a right turn.. (Way to MES) .. go straight ..u can see Al kebra (Roads are under consrtruction..)

It's very close to M.E.S Indian school when u come frm abuhamour area or after cambridge school(mamoura) wen u come frm ramada, mamoura, etc.

i have heard tat its good..Dont hav any direct experience.

if you are in muntazah just go straight till you reach abu hamour and u will see woqood petrol station opposite to each other then if reach that round about go right then on your right go straight till you reach next round about then go right and to the next street from that you will see the al khebra school.

that is near to abu hamour immigration.

its in abu hamour behind M.E.S Indian School.

hello do u have contact number to these driving school guys? ty

already many friends said the address for driving school.best choice go and join karwa,fees may high but pass percentage is good.try that.

thanks guys! I've enrolled tonight and I'm gonna start on March 3

rockduke, tel no. is 4516782.

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