Where is a good short term accomodation in Doha?

I'm coming to Doha from Canada early next year to do research. I'm looking for a short term rental. I'm a single, male executive and need wireless internet; any thing else is an added bonus. Does anyone have any good suggestions? tks


I didn't mention it, but I'm open to sharing a place as well; I'm flexible.

it depends what is your price range and which location ur looking for???

A par hotel would be around 11,000 per month,so anything less than that would be preferable.

As far as location, somewhere in between Education City and the Souk would work well; again first time in Doha so I'm making some educated assumptions on location.

tks so much for your feedback.

Try Liberty Suites. Our short term staff stay there

you can check Ezdan Towers its a hotel apartment with 4 star facilities. they have different combos for short and long stay.

check their web site


please check if it suits you or else let me know i can guid you with different option.

Thanks for the feedback Baldrick2dogs and Saud Siddiqi. I did look at Ezdan Suites and there were many pages of negative comments about theft. Not having first hand knowledge, I cannot comment on the truthfulness of the comments, but I thought I should at least continue looking. Did you have others in mind?

now we r in *Edan tower *sice last month rent is 550 per day , 12000Qr per month ..its nice hotel, managemnt is good,2 dys in a week cleaning (free),swimimg , health club ,kids pool all free and Good in condition , i think its cheap than other .

villa moda hotel is good 0097444215424

3 star hotel that has free internet, good gym, sauna, steam room, resturant(no bar), small indoor pool and the staff are pretty good.

This hotel is located in Al Saad and is in walking distance to many shops and resturants. You are also close to other bars and bigger hotels for entertainment.

For a studio sized room you will pay around 5500 per month(they have bigger rooms). It is serviced every day. I stay here all the time. Not having an outdoor pool is this hotels only problem.

I would not come here for a special occassion with my girlfriend but for a good quiet hotel with all the facilities that you will need to have a good stay it is hard to beat.

There is also a new Servived hotel opening very soon called Doha Corp hotel the facilities are similar except they have an outdoor pool. 1 bedroom is around 9500 per month. This hotel is located 1 km from the Souq

good luck

send an email to fbagroup.realestate@yahoo.com

They can help you..

Thanks Crusher for the suggestion....Do u have any idea how much they charge?

Thanks Crusher for the suggestion....Do u have any idea how much they charge?

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