Where is the Mazda showroom in Doha?

Looking for the Mazda showroom and phone number, anyone know where this is?




Mazda Showroom is just behind Jarir Book Store. Take the right turn the 2nd right turn after Jarir Book Store drive 100 mts and you will find it.



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Mazda Dealer 's company name in Doha is Natinal Cars, u can find it as IMI mentioned to u


Does anyone have the Mazda CX9, what do you think of it?


I don't have money to buy it. but if you give me QR 120,000 I will definately buy Mazda CX 9 :(


I am glad somebody bought this up.


I am also looking at the CX 9 also, if I was to compare the Prado, Pathfinder and the CX 9. What would be an USERs suggestion.

 How is the Mazda agents service, maint ...etc




You could always get a bank loan!!!


Who pays cash!!!




CX9 id the best. Just go to Mazda showroom and have a look and a test drive. Mazda service is very good. I have a Mazda 3 as well :)


Everyone should pay cash, thats the world is in such a financial mess right now........:)

just eat another pie

Las Vegas

Mazda CX9 is doing very well in the states, it competes favourably against other vehicles in its class. Highly recommended ride.


Looking for the Mazda showroom and phone number, anyone know where this is?


Again directions using landmarks. Anyway...

So where is Jarir Book Store then?

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