Qatari ministry warns people against travelling to Maldives following H1N1 outbreak

If you have been thinking about going to the Maldives on a dream vacation, then it is better if you reconsidered the timing.

Do you know how to use WhatsApp from your desktop/laptop computer?

WhatsApp has completely revolutionized the way in which we keep in touch with family members, old classmates, colleagues and everyone else.

Qatar property market to witness ‘continuous growth’

Qatar’s real estate market remains resilient to global economic headwinds and will witness “continuous growth” on the back of the government’s “wis

Qatar University project wins research competition

A team from Qatar University has won first place in Qatar National Research Fund’s (QNRF) ninth Annual Undergraduate Research Experience Programme

Soil-less farming a big hit in Qatar

The demand for the hydroponic technique used by some local agricultural farms to increase production of vegetables has increased and more than 200

Hundreds join in as Qatar celebrate Earth Hour by switching off lights

The Earth Hour, a symbolic demonstration to raise public awareness on the importance of conserving natural resources and thus protecting the Earth

Laptop ban on US flights from some Middle Eastern countries comes into effect

The ban on electronic items bigger than a smartphone on some flights into the USA, originating from some Middle Eastern countries, came into effect

Heavy downpour completely disrupts normal life in the country

Heavy rains came down hard on Qatar and it disrupted normal life in many parts of the country.

Esrar Obstacle Race sprints through the rainstorm in Aspire Park

The Esrar Obstacle Race took place in Aspire Park yesterday.

MotoGP organisers call off Qatar qualifying

Qualifying for MotoGP’s season opener in Qatar has been cancelled due to wet weather.