Fancy number plates auction nets a total amount of QR9.76m

The GCC blockade does not seem to have affected fancy plate number enthusiasts as they shell out QR9.76m for unique plate numbers.

Two Indian expatriates die while crossing road at Industrial Area

Two Indian expatriates have died in an accident at the Doha Industrial Area when a car struck them while trying to cross the road.

Qatar well-prepared for military move from neighbours, confident of US support

Qatar is well-prepared to counter any military action it may face from its neighbours, says foreign minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

Qatar’s foreign minister decries the region’s ‘reckless leadership

Qatar’s foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has accused the region’s ‘reckless leadership' as the cause for recent troubles.

Qatar and Sudan to jointly build the Red Sea coast’s largest sea port

Qatar and Sudan have agreed to jointly construct the Red Sea coast’s largest seaport, helping further enhance Qatar's food security.

Doha-bound IndiGo flight performs emergency landing in Chennai following bird-hit

An Indigo Airlines flight, travelling from Chennai to Doha, was forced to touch down back in Chennai following a bird hit.

Moving forward, Qatar sets QR750 as temporary minimum wage for workers

Qatar keeps its promise of introducing minimum wages for labourers by announcing a temporary figure of QR750 per month, with plans of reviewing it soon.

Qatar building one of the world’s largest water storage facilities

Qatar is working on a water storage project that once complete, will boast of being one of the biggest in the world.

Ministry penalises eight car workshops for violating Qatar’s consumer protection law 

Ministry of Economy and Commerce cracks the whip and penalise eight car workshops for violating Qatar’s consumer protection law.

Qatar’s finance minister slams UAE plot to wage ‘financial war’ on the country

Qatar’s finance minister Ali Shareef Al Emadi has slammed the UAE's plot to wage ‘financial war’ on the country.

They wanted us to change, yet we remain unchanged, says Sheikha Moza

Qatar Foundation Chairperson HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser says Qatar has hung on despite immense pressure from blockading countries to change.

HH The Emir holds productive talks with Turkish President Erdogan in Doha

HH The Emir and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a productive meeting in Doha, further affirming friendly relations between the two countries.

Lecture on automotive design to be held as part of the 2017 Qatar Germany Year of Culture

The lecture is part of the Qatar Germany Year of Culture and the exhibition 'Driven by German Design' at Al Riwaq Gallery.

Manchester United talent scout ends up in wrong continent in search of football game

A Manchester United talent scout was left fuming after he went to Iceland to watch a game that was actually taking place in Qatar.

Almost one million vehicles entered The Pearl Qatar in October, says UDC

The Pearl Qatar remains one of Qatar's most popular destinations, with almost one million vehicles entering the facility in October alone.

The King of Morocco’s visit to Qatar hailed as a stupendous success

The state visit of King Mohamed VI of Morocco has been hailed as a stupendous success in both Qatar and on social media.

HH The Emir says Qatar ‘thousand times better off’ without the siege countries

HH The Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani says Qatar is a ‘thousand times better off’ without the siege countries.

HH The Emir says siege countries have no desire to put an end to the crisis

HH The Emir, who said siege nations have no desire to end the ongoing crisis, promises to keep going on without backing down.

WATCH: The week in review - November 11, 2017

Qatar Living brings you this week's top news stories in the country, summarised and reviewed.

UAE arrest two Swiss journalists, interrogates the duo for 50 hours before releasing them

The UAE arrests two Swiss journalists, release them after 50 hours of interrogation and confiscating all their equipment.

Qatar Foundation set to host weekly farmers market starting this Thursday

Qatar Foundation is all set to launch a weekly farmers market on Thursdays and Fridays, starting on November 16.

HH The Emir and Erdogan to chair joint strategic panel meet tomorrow

HH The Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Turkish president Recep Erdogan are set to chair a joint strategic panel meeting tomorrow.

Here is how to extend a 30-day on arrival visa for another 30 days…

You may know you can enter and stay in Qatar visa-free for 30 days, but do you know how to extend the stay by another 30 days? Here's how.

Qatar continues to attract investments despite illegal siege, says Chamber chairman

Despite the ongoing illegal siege of Qatar, the confidence placed on the country by international investors has remained unchanged.

Record 103 inspirational films presented at the 5th Ajyal Youth Film Festival

The 5th Ajyal Youth Film Festival, presented by the Doha Film Institute (DFI), will present a compelling slate of 103 films from 43 countries


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