World's longest flight by Qatar Airways completes its maiden trip

The first trip of the world’s longest scheduled commercial flight service, between Doha and Aukland, took off eight minutes earlier than scheduled

Timely intervention by authorities prevents expat’s suicide attempt

There was high drama atop a high-voltage electric tower as an expatriate climbed up the rungs with the intention of committing suicide.

It’s official… February 5 was Qatar’s coldest day in history!

The temperature in Abu Samra fell to a new Qatari record low of 1.5 degrees Celsius early yesterday morning.

Nights in some parts of Qatar set to become a lot cooler tonight

A cold wave has been spreading throughout the GCC and it does not show signs of weakening anytime soon.

Sidra hospital to hire 3,500 new staff members amid rapid expansion

Sidra Medical and Research Center is pushing to hire 3,500 new clinical and administrative staff within the next two years, with the aim of incorpo

Here are a few more clarifications regarding the new residency law

The new residency law in Qatar came into effect last December and there has been a lot of discussions about it ever since.

Expatriate sentenced to three years in jail for dealing in drugs

A Doha Criminal Court sentenced an expatriate man to three years in jail and subsequent deportation after it was proven he had been involved in ill

Qatar Airways to permit US visa holders of banned countries travel again

People from seven countries — Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen — who had recently been banned by US President Donald Trump from e

Have you seen the pictures of snow in UAE? It’s mind blowing!

After Saudi Arabia, it’s the UAE’s turn to see some snow.

Qatar Airways set to start operating world’s longest flight from tomorrow

QR920 — Qatar Airways’ flight between Doha and Auckland — will officially become the world’s longest route when the plane takes off from the Hamad