#Weareqatar: You will never suffer for lack of food or water in Qatar

Shops and supermarkets in Qatar, as well as different Ministries in the country, reiterates the message that there is no shortage of food and water in the country.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister says country ‘willing to talk’ to end the crisis

Qatar's Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said the country was open to mediations to solve the current Gulf crisis.

#Weareqatar: Qatar Airways brings hundreds of stranded passengers home

For Qatar Airways, who chartered special flights to bring in passengers stranded in Saudi Arabia, it is business as usual.

#Weareqatar : When love poured into Doha from all around the world

Support has been pouring in for Qatar from within the country and from around the world. Thank you for the love, everyone!

Qatar ministry announce preliminary results of news agency website hack

The Ministry of the Interior has announced the preliminary results of ongoing investigations into the crime of piracy on the website of the Qatar News Agency (QNA) and its accounts on social networking websites.

Qatar flights remain largely normal, three planes chartered to bring stranded passengers home

The Qatar Airways’ flights to a majority of its 150 destinations around the world remained normal on Tuesday, even as the national carrier organise

Qatari exchange houses record spike in remittances; Sri Lanka, Egypt deny bans on Qatari Riyal

While there has been a spike in the number of expatriates sending money home, several countries denied they had banned dealing in Qatari Riyals.

Latest updates: Mauritania break diplomatic ties with Qatar as Jordan downgrades it

Here are some of the latest updates regarding the ongoing Gulf crisis.

In series of Tweets, Trump takes credit for Gulf nations’ rift with Qatar

US President Donald Trump has said that his recent trip to the Middle East was a reason for GCC countries moving strongly against Qatar.

Saudi Arabia cancel Qatar Airways operating license even as leaders call for peace

Saudi Arabia has cancelled Qatar Airways' operating license and decided to shutter all Qatar Airways offices in the country even as world leaders call for peace.

US military lauds Qatar, says flights unaffected by Gulf rift

Despite the Gulf crisis, officers say it was business as usual at the Al Udeid Military Base in Qatar.

Flights to and from Qatar to some GCC countries to be affected by Gulf crisis

Here is a lowdown on which flights have been affected by the Gulf crisis and what to do for passengers already booked in those flights.

Don’t believe the doomsayers, Gulf crisis will not affect daily life

Irrespective of what the doomsayers say, Qatar is resilient and life will go on unaffected.

Question mark hangs over future of GCC after crisis, says Qatari Foreign Minister

Qatar's foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani speaks out about the ongoing Gulf crisis.

‘March of Allegiance’ to be organised at the Doha Corniche tonight

An informal 'March of Allegiance' is being planned at the Doha Corncihe at 9.30pm. Will you be there to show your support?

No need to stock up on food and water, life will go on as usual: Qatar cabinet

There have been many unsubstantiated rumours and scaremongering going on in social media regarding the current Gulf crisis, with certain websites s

Qatar regrets the decision by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE to sever relations

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the following Press release on its official website

Yemen, Libya, Maldives follow other Arab nations in cutting Qatar ties

Six Arab countries have now cut diplomatic ties with Qatar including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Yemen cut diplomatic ties with Qatar

In a sign of escalating tensions, five countries — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Yemen — cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar today.

Traffic flow becomes easier as Ashghal opens underpass on East Industrial Street

When you go towards the Industrial Area, if you feel the traffic has become a bit less congested, then that feeling is absolutely right.

Summer work hours in open workplaces to start from June 15, says ministry

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) said on Sunday that the summer work restrictions, for labourers working in open areas, will begin on June 15 and will continue until August 31.

Shortage of Shafaf cylinders affecting people adversely during Ramadan

The Shafaf LPG cylinder, supplied by Qatar Fuel (Woqod) for domestic use, is in short supply this Ramadan and several people are complaining about

Six Qatari soldiers have been injured in the line of duty

Six Qatari soldiers were injured while defending the southern borders of Saudi Arabia. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Hacked e-mails of UAE's envoy to USA reveal Anti-Qatar campaign

A group of hackers have released leaked sensitive emails from the UAE's envoy to USA which talks about undermining Qatar's importance and influence.

Q-Post to get a total image makeover by September this year

Qatar Post, one of the older establishments in the country, is going for a complete makeover, including a new logo, by September this year.


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