Ashghal PWA

Dear Friends,

I would like to know about the work culture in Ashghal also known as PWA - Public Work Authority based in Doha Qatar.

How is the work enviornment, Salaries and other Benefites they offer etc;

Most importantly about the company and management.

Also, what does a Definite Contract mean and if given such a contract is it advisible to accepet it ?

Waiting for your kind and quick responses... thanks!!



Amazing , suberb, there is no words on planet earth on how to define that organisation. Let me give you a few points

1) Projects go on forever, looks like they are fulfilling a important social obligation by keeping contractors employed
2)Headless chicken Syndrome :for eg
just next to my house it took them two year just to tarmac and pave the road now here is what is the most interesting bit of info.

First the tarmac gets done then the pavement , then they realise that cables were not inserted (wow thats rocket science) so they dig the fresh pavement again, then after covering it up again then they did the pavement again why , cos they forgot to put protective sheild to the cable. Now I realised then "Common sense is a virtue not many can or will have"

3) Fly over concept is again a rocket science technology and we are so blessed to have ashgal cos they are unique with Signals in the roundabout.

more to come if you have the capacity to hear more


I think a coconut with a stick could do better, but for your direct question if I am good , oh yes I have no doubt on my ablilty to deliver.
and here is how to go about

1) end all sort of corruption during the bidding process, atleast eliminate 40 % of it

I mean all , that also includes Red tapism, neptism e.t.c

then execute every construction the Project management style or atleast, make sure one official is appraised by literally going to the site every day,

think ahead


for all the good idea, that anyone could give ,will get shot down immediately, cos good ideas dont get along with wastav


are you directly working with project management? Do you know the procedures or tenders? Do you know who implement what?

Are you accusing Ashgal people as corrupt, engage in red tape and nepotism?

Are you an engineer? or someone involved in contracts? I think you did not understand the query made by the OP.

Answer the question and don't make malicious allegations!


Dad is working there, It's up to you to proceed BUT, As far as i could remember,

1) You can get up to 70 days of holidays in a year
2) Salary might increase every year.
3) You might ending up fighting with some bossy egyptian.
4) Sometimes, they cut your overall allowances like, education, house and etc.
5) Environment is good.


Ashghal is Govt organisation,
No work tension.
Receive your salary everymonth...;-)

we people are waiting to get an opportunity to work in PWA...;-)


Dear All,

Thanks a lot for your valueable comments. However, my questions are still intact... I wanted to know about the company and management, work culture, environment, benefits, salaries and contact types like Definite one year etc;

Glad to read your comments on Ashghal...

Well, every company has positive and negative sides so its not a surprise to hear some negative comments too...

However, if anyone working in Ashghal please share your contact details (Mobile, email etc;) so that we could discuss things offline...

Thank you again... have a nice day....


@Ayeman97: thanks for sharing this info dude....

However, any idea what could be the reason behind this deductions (Sometimes, they cut your overall allowances like, education, house and etc) ???

Also, if possible could you please ask your Dad regarding the types of contacts like Definite one year, Indefinite etc; as I see that most of the time Ashghal offers definite contracts to the newly hired employees.... so wanted to know what does it mean.. and if its only for 1 year what will happen after one year.. will they terminate the employee, ask him to resign etc ?? Any chances of reniewing it etc, etc;

If this is the case, it means their is no job security right... so just curious to know all these stuff...

Thanks Buddy!!


Please share any comments... I am waiting to hear from you all.... thanks!!

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