how to start business in Qatar?

I'm a Chinese now in Dubai and I'm planning to go Doha to start decoration material (such as flooring and wall paper) business there. If you could spend some time to let me have the answers of the following queries, I will be very grateful:
1. What's the procedures for a visitor to register a company there and how long it will take? what's the cost?
2. How long it'll take to apply a visa for the company employee?
3. Could you also please let me know roughly how much it will cost for the showroom (per sqm)? Please let me have the rate in the downtown area and urban fringe. If I take the shop near the edge of the city, is there any key money I have to pay?
4. How much I have to pay to the sponsor each year?
You may post your answers here so that everybody can share or you can write me by email. My mail is Thanks a lot.

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