== The MOON SPLIT -- Common even NASA says so

Moon was Splited into Two Pieces by MUHAMMAD {Peace be Upon Him}

You can not Deny that, See the HISTORY.....

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The Moon SPLIT

Six of the nine planets have satellites (moons) with the maximum of 12 for Jupiter. Since our moon is the nearest heavenly body let us know an important thing about it in the Qur’anic context. God says at the very first verse of Suratul Qamar (moon) in QURAN :

The hour drew near and the moon was split.

Even though moon appears smooth and beautiful to the naked eye telescopic photographs tell us its surface is in fact rugged and full of meteoric and volcanic craters of all sizes. The American Apollo mission of 1967 obtained a couple of remarkable photographs of the hidden side of the moon. They show a strange feature, a 240 km long cleavage 8 km wide. The edges appear to be result of striking with a huge weapon rather than a crack of geological origin. To this day no explanation has been offered. An article appeared in Islamic Voice a decade ago along with the photographs suggesting that the feature is the remnant of splitting of the moon by Prophet (Pbuh).

Authentic hadeeth accounts testify that two years before Hijrat (in 617 CE) in the fullmoon night of Rajab, Abu Jahl et al challenged Prophet (Pbuh) to split the moon in proof of his prophethood. He pointed his finger at the moon and moved it and the moon split in two. It remained so till it set. It was seen in the entire Arab land and elsewhere as far as Syria.

It was also seen by two rulers in India, namely Bhoj of Malwa Kingdom and Zamorin Perumal of Kerala. Both of them investigated the phenomenon and traced it to the promised last ‘avtar’ to be born in Arabia. They identified him with last Messenger (sal), the last prophet of God, got in touch with him and accepted Islam!

Predictably the Meccan challengers rejected the proof they asked for. Continuing with the above verse, God says:

And (even) if they behold a portent (such as this, still) they turn away and say: ‘Prolonged (illusion)!’ (Thus) They denied (the truth)....... ( Qamar: 2,3 ).

Veracity of Shakkul Qamar has been estalblished by authentic hadeeth and God himself has vouched for it in Sura Qamar. Now, verification has arrived through science. Yet, it is painful to note, that a section of muslims preach and write to dismiss one of the greatest of mu’jizas as merely an “illusion due to atmospheric disturbance, even though it persisted for a whole night”. This is precisely as the Meccan mushriks did and exactly as recorded by God in Qur’an. These people should note that their rejection amounts to heresy, imperilling their very Iman . Read again how Allah judges their this action at several instances in Qur’an : “They denied the manifest truth.” In short they must realize that while the Meccan mushriks denied a Prophet, these people of shameful doubt falsify Allah Himself !

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