There are various housing options in Qatar, and for most expats that involves different forms of rented accommodation. Many employers provide housing or a housing allowance.  

Rent prices tend to fluctuate in Qatar, so if your accommodation package is a housing allowance make sure it is enough to cover the cost of the type of housing you require.


Types of Accommodation


Banking in Qatar consists of local, regional, international and Islamic banks, with over 250 branches and 650 ATM’s across the country, in malls, souqs, hotels, hospitals and petrol stations. Major credit cards are widely accepted and visitors to Qatar can access their home accounts by using their ATM cards here.

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 7:30am-1pm Many mall branches are open all day, with some open Saturday 8:30-12:30pm


Standard Banking Facilities

Qatari Culture

Qatar is in the midst of phenomenal socio-economic change that has had a transformative effect on the country and its culture. Trying to strike a balance between embracing modernity and still holding onto their cultural heritage, Qatar still prides itself on its traditional tribal roots.

With Qatari nationals making 12% of the total population it’s even more imperative that while embracing other cultures they still hold onto and celebrate their own heritage.

Sports in Qatar

Qatar is not only actively engaging in hosting world class sporting events like 2022 FIFA World Cup, but is also encouraging it population to participate in more sporting activities by conceiving events like National Sports Day and the Sport for Life campaign and by creating more venues and opportunities for a sports culture to flourish.

Education in Qatar


Nurseries and Preschool


Specialised Curriculum Schools

Special Needs Schools

Admissions and fees

Post Secondary Education

Technical Colleges

Community Colleges



Visa's and Permits


On arrival in Doha, any expat, whether resident or visitor will have to encounter some government departments during their stay. Much of this can now be done online and it is always advisable to check the government website first for all details -


Tourist visas are issued on arrival in Qatar, for QR100 and valid for one month for if you are a citizen from one of these 33 countries:








Arts in Qatar

Art is serious business in Qatar. Qatar is officially the world’s biggest art buyer. Over the last six years Qatar has been buying art at a level never seen before and is responsible for the bulk of all modern art purchases worldwide. 

This is in line with the aim to make Qatar the cultural capital of the Middle East, and a hub for regional cultural tourism.   

Health in Qatar

According to the World Health Organization, Qatar is spending more money per capita on healthcare than any other country in the Middle East and is free, or heavily subsidised, to nationals, expats and visitors alike.  This has resulted in comprehensive primary healthcare and specialist, as well as general hospitals in both the public and private sector. All healthcare in Qatar is monitored and evaluated by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), and all private hospitals must be accredited by an internationally recognised body.

Shopping in Qatar

Qatar has a plethora of shopping options, from modern commercial, traditional, high end designer, exhibitions, outdoor markets to yard sales and classifieds.  With no VAT or Sales Tax, whatever your taste or budget shopping in Qatar will provide numerous options and experiences.