Apple iPhone 4S In Qatar

Good Morning Doha,,

Guys finally IPhone 4S is in Doha..

it is Expensive and it will be unless it is not launched by Voda or Qtel with lower prices....Anyway Who is planning to buy one?..........



who would buy an overpriced phone that LOOKS old ?


i agree with Gas Qatar? there's nothing much difference with the appearance of iphone 4s & iphone 4... people will not recognize which one is 4 and which is 4s... to me it still looks OLD...


Why spend that much on a phone that look EXACTLY like its predecessor? Not to mention, all of the features are not there. FaceTime is disabled and the full use of Siri is only available in the US. Some Siri functions work, but the location based services do not.


The usual price gouging is in full effect. A week and a half ago, it was 5500 Riyal in Carrefour. This weekend it was down to 4000 Riyal. I am sure once Vodafone carries it, it will be down to the regular ~2800 Riyal.


Lulu is selling 16GB iphone 4S for only QRS 3500/-


am happy now with my iphone 4... i have updated to OS 6.0 which is same with OS of iphone 4S/5.. i don't need SIRI as it will not be fully functional here in qatar just like facetime...

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