Bad experience from Naseem Al-Rabeeh Clinic

Yesterday,04 November I had to take my friend who got injured from his work site to hospital and we went to Naseem Al-Rabeeh, it was around 9:00-9:30pm and we went to reception to see one of the Ortho pediatrician and at that time there was Dr.Ajith, who refused and said that his time was over and didn't stay for the consultation. We then went to Focus medical center around 10:00-10:15pm ,and we are so greatful to Dr.Gangadharan,who was getting into the car when we reached and came back for consultation when they called him from reception.

I will see the director of Naseem al rabeeh tomorrow to tell this. Usually a doctor takes oath "To protect human life in all stages and under all circumstances,doing his utmost to rescue it from death, malady, pain and anxiety." and my question is why did Dr.Ajith become doctor if he cannot work after his working hours or odd hours.
I always had good about Naseem al-rabeeh till yesterday but this bad experience has totally ruined the reputation of the clinic and Iam telling you this to inform you all so that you don't have any bad experience from Naseem al-rabeeh in future....


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