In case everyone was wondering

In case everyone was wondering where I am, I'm going to Chicago, then Las Vegas, then to Mexico until I have to report to Qatar. I made my last sale last week, cleaned out my desk and i'm ready to hit the road. So I won't be posting as much. I just wanted everyone to know that I still love everyone here, I'm not abandoning the message board, I'm just going to be a little busy until I get down to Puerto Vallarta. I want to enjoy myself and my family before I have go to Qatar. It's going to be a gluttonous few months enjoying all the fruits the world has to offer before I report to duty in the Middle East. I'm going to enjoy all my favorite vice's while I can, women, drink, smoke, food and total freedom. So thanks for everything friends..

Pulls Miss Teacher, Mimi and Mandi aside- I wanna give you three a special thank you for helping me with this transfer. I'll admit I'm ignorant when it comes to the middle east and your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated..And if there's anything I can do for you ladies when I get there, please don't hesitate to ask..I can fix cars, even transmissions and I built my house so I can do plumbing, electrical, framing and drywall, in fact there's literally nothing I can't do- and i'll be forever indebted to you lovely ladies.