Dance Schools in Doha

Ramadan is not the right time to ask this question. But cant stop dancing myself...lolz.

Is there a proper dance school in Doha for Hip Hop or Salsa ?



i love hip hop too and i know a place that teaches women.
sorry, no help there.
take care

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So that means u dance break dance?

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break dance? is it still the in thing in dance forms. is hip hop the same as break dance. they are not the same.

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but you see more of RnB hiphop today that is not similar to the original breakdance.

Well as long as you can move your body to the tune wihtout breaking or spraining a limb, its all good and a wonerful form of aerobic workout.

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I am also eager to know where my son can study breakdance. Some people always bring unnecessary things and destroy a useful thread.


have any of you checked out any of the hotels here who have their own fitness centres, they usually have dance classes as part of their fitness program.i am not sure if international academy for intercultural development at muntaza will have hiphop, but you could check it out.
i remember they had waltz classes and some other dance forms.

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Thanks for that piece of information. Will give them a call first thing in the morning. U take care !


There is Internantional Music Centre at Al Hilal Area. They have classes for Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz & many other dance forms.. Good Luck!!


It always makes me smile when people start talking about Salsa teaching and so on; like at the Paloma. In fact, you will not be able to learn Salsa (or remember it), if you haven't done Rhumba, Cha-Cha, Merengue and Mambo. When you have mastered Mambo, then you can do Salsa... And to tell you the truth, to find ballroom dancing in Doha, it's quite a challenge.


Moudir, Do you mean ballroom dancing or ballroom dancing classes?


I meant classes. But come to think of it, is there ballroom dancing anywhere here? (and i don't mean at the Paloma).


there are classes on thursdays and saturdays from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm at the Sheraton


Where? in the health Club? If you can find someone who knows anything on the phone... it's a miracle.


Hi Martinez, please keep that information for me when I get to Qatar in June I will need it. Thanks.......



well i'm really interested in hip-hop, and i'd love to take classes here in Doha. you've said on the 'dance class' page that you know a place that teaches women, could i get the telephone number of the institute please?
thanks a lot for everythg! :)


i really wish to go for salsa dance classes.. but i understand that a partner is a must.. so waitin for some1 as crazy as me.. lol.. maybe later i wud just end up sayin i am busy or lazy..


Does anyone here no where there is hip hop/ breakdancing classes here , i really want to learn and i have been looking around but i can't find any. Any information pl reply with a number or something : P


hi can u plz tell me the name of the place ? :p


The Ramada does hip hop classes at the Cabana Club. I've only seen girls doing it, but the teacher is a guy - so maybe the class is open to anyone.


Do you mind giving me the name of that place whcih teaches hip hop/breakdancing. i've been searchn fr a rly lng tym and i havent found anythin at all.



may i know the name and fone number of the place which has hip hop classes too please? I havent been successful finding any where yet :( thanks.


plz lemme knw if dere is hip hop classes for women..
i acc m vry interested
keep rockin!


If you know any teachers, please give me a call on 6031276


hey i need to know werez tht u have number.....


Jux fo ladies..... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me if som1`knoe



I am a Hip Hop instructor and choreography and im looking to expand currently I only teach at a school twice a week but i will talk to the principles and managers as to if i can bring outside students in since my second class has vacant spots. In the meantime if you are interested please contact me at and i will get back to you with all necessary information

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Internantional Music Centre at Al Hilal Area.They have classes for Salsa, Hip Hop,Jazz & many other dances u have to see there


Internantional Music Centre at Al Hilal Area.They have classes for Salsa, Hip Hop,Jazz & many other dances u have to see there


Kalakshetra Qatar - School of Dance, Music, Art & Yoga offers Hip Hop classes also. All qualified and experienced professionals to train the same. For further details please contact 44660084, 33930358.


Dear Friends,

i am a Dancing  Instructor

I would like to inform you

That I am going To start a Dancing class in Doha-Qatar.

This is the category below,

1.      bollywood's dancing

2.      Free Style dancing class for.

3.      Party dancing

4.      HIP POP dancing

 5 Kids dancing class

.6 fitness dance workout


Dear Friends

Contact details below in the mail. First


Mobile No. : - 00974-66167712 Adults i

Email Id…

Place fell fre to call john

 Thanking, for Ur kindness

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