DCMF censored

On Tuesday 11 November, the following story was to appear in local papers. It was censored, and did not appear.

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom has called upon Qatar's government to change the Press and Publication Law of 1979, which gives the authorities "excessive power" over the media's freedom of expression.

The Centre applauded the country's record, with the establishment of Al Jazeera, and the stand it took at the Arab League when information ministers were seeking to curb the freedom of satellite TV stations to broadcast.

However, the newly formed Media Freedom Centre went on to criticise the current environment for journalists within country. In addition to amending the Press Law, it called on Qatar to sign and ratify the International Covenant on Political Rights.

"In their search for the truth, they can rely on the Doha Centre for Media Freedom to support them. Not just out of professional solidarity but because we think this is the best way to help Qatar and its leaders and people and because we believe the authorities are sincere in their promises that we can work in complete freedom."

Source: http://www.dohacentre.org/Doha-Centre-for-Media-Freedom,366.html

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