★ Doha Nights ★

Seeing people posting their photos has encouraged me to share mine.

This is actually my first attempt at photography.

I hope you enjoy them.

You can see the whole set in better resolution if you click here.

- Abdulla



Fabolous dude.. nice photography... keep it up.. all the best...


good job. You are really good and if this is your first try then you have a bright future,
despite clicking in the night cheers!!!


Didn't expect this response. Wow, thank you guys !

My next step is a DSLR. Those pics were taken with a Panasonic DMC-ZS3, just an average point and shoot camera.


Very Beautiful....I enjoyed watching them...
You can absolutely be a good photographer...you have the aesthetic feeling of the moment and place!



Marboosh, VERY nice! Keep going, you seem to have talent!


MashAllah this is so beautiful!!
My fav is number 4 :)
MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah :)


nice shots! seems these pictures are taken by the professional photographer. keep it up!


congratz nice photos. Hope to see more beautiful photos


Nice shots. Thanks for sharing here.


the best ever seen pics for Doha . good Luke and keep going.


These are the best pictures of Doha I have seen so far on QL. Congrats and TFS.


FS its not fourseasons.. Its the new St.Regis near Intercon. :)


wow, absolutely fantastic...keep up the gud work..


Nice ...

Thanks guys, I'll definitely keep going.


Amazing ! You're like a professional photographer but you mentioned that's your first attempt, anyway i'm interested also in photography, can you tell what dslr you used ? and what program you did ? thanks a lot in advance


Wow such nice shots... how you get such nice resolution ...did you took shots many times and choose the clearer shot or you took few shots only.... eventhough night view it such a clear one... keep it up ..


All r rocking. From which location u took shots of 4th & 6th.


Thanks guys, appreciate the love :)

I didn't use a DSLR, I used my point and shoot Panasonic ZS3 (great little camera) and the timer function (no tripod yet!) for most of the shots.

The secret is a tripod or the timer function and in situations when you can't use a tripod you should try continuous shots mode or burst mode and take like 3 shots at a time and keep your hands steady.

I also notice a lot of people ignore ISO and shutter speeds, you should experiment with those and forget about the automatic mode.

This is my first (semi-real) camera and this is actually my second attempt, the first night I used auto mode and didn't use the timer function and the shots looked great on my 3" camera screen but on my computer they looked awful. The next night I tried experimenting with my modest manual mode, played with the ISO and shutter speeds and took multiple shots of the same scene and the ones I posted are the best I got out of hundred or so shots.

I used Photoshop to correct the gamma and to fix some crooked horizon lines and resized them, that's it.

Location 4 is at the beach next to the diplomatic club.

Location 6 is in the corniche exactly next to albandar seafood restaurant.

I will post more as soon as I go on another shooting spree :)


keep it up
soon u will be the best one

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