Eid Al Adha to start on 26th October

The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science has predicted the first day of Eid Al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) will fall on Friday, October 26, UAE daily newspaper Gulf News reported.

“Based on astronomical calculations, October 25 will be the 9th of Dhu Al Hijja, Arafat Day, and consequently Friday will be the first day of Eid Al Adha,” Dr. Humaid Majol Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Union, was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

While the Eid Al Adha holidays are yet to be officially determined, the Ministry of Labour earlier announced that if Eid falls on October 26 as predicted by the Union, then October 25 will be a holiday for both private and public sectors.

Arafat Day, also known as the Waqfat Arafat, where Hajj pilgrims climb mount Arafat in Mecca, is always a holiday.

The length of the whole holiday remains unknown, but will likely last for three or four days.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi municipality has warned residents against publicly slaughtering animals this Eid Al Adha, urging them to visit the official abattoirs instead, UAE daily The National reported.

Those found slaughtering animals at homes, streets or public areas will face an AED500 ($136.12) fine.

Ritual sacrifice is part of the Eid Al Adha celebrations.

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