English Newspapers in Qatar

Hello everyone,


Greetings to you all and am glad to join Qatar Living.  I have only been in Qatar for the past 6 months and am adjusting to the way of life here.  Qatar is experiencing a rapid growth in the economy, especially the energy and real estate industries.


The media has a lot to do with the growth and substantial amount of information that is needed to secure Qatar in the GCC region.


I have seen that the english newspapers in Qatar are still at its infant stages and will eventually be comparble to other newspapers globally.  Qatar a small but gas-rich country with most news are wired and bought through news agencies.  Lets base it on internal domestic factors in the country.  The reason behind why local news is only a tiny fragment in the newspapers is that crime rates are low, there is no celebrity news, no economic downturn, government agencies are self-reliant and sustainable.


The Gulf Times is a well establish publication, with over 30 years or so experience in the field, where The Peninsula is 13 year or so (please do correct me if i am wrong).  The Gulf Times have their loyal and routine readers where it is expected that they need it first thing in the morning. As for The Peninsula, they also have their own set of readers with good coverage on the local events.


As for the relevantly new newspaper, Qatar Tribune, in my OPINION, I have found that it is the only newspaper that have seperate sections.  The main section features global news, THE NATION section contains local news & events, Business section has global & local business news, and the sports & chill out section features what is says.


Most of all the newspaper have wired news, but the format and layout of Qatar Tribune is unique. They do not fill up their pages with advertisements and have focused sections.  It has its own character and it has also been changing its look through its editorial content .


I also have seen their news paper stands in various locations in Doha. Coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and also some big companies in Doha.  Not only they have been aggressive in delivering the newspaper on weekends to residentials compounds, I personally think that they are primarily focusing on specific readers.  They have different sections for different readers and i also think that have the right analysis and full information on the different socio-demographic groups in Qatar.  It is a challenging task to fullfill since Qatar has over 150 nationalities residing in the country.


Well lets see the future of English newspaper in Qatar and wish them all the best.

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