Fed up with women.......

Fed up with women...

I never thought I’d reach this stage in my life and what’s happened to me is what I feared the most, being alone as I approach 40.

All I can say is that this has not happened through choice but rather circumstances. There is nothing wrong with me: I’m a normal guy, successful, still quite good looking, well educated and with a good career. In my endeavours to meet women over the years I have tried everything from the direct approach in clubs/bars (hostile environments), dating agencies (expensive and disappointing), internet dating sites (waste of time - liars, timewasters and fake profiles), to almost every other method you can think of. What happens? The ones I like aren’t interested and the ones I don’t like often are interested. The story of my life!

In addition, I find many modern women to be inherently self-centred, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men. It’s just so hard to impress women these days, some are difficult to get on with when you are with them, and then you have to worry about how not to lose them. If I was who I am now two or three decades ago I would have been a good catch. But now I sometimes feel like I’m invisible. Also the frustration of hitting a brick wall every time I think I’m getting somewhere with the women I do meet is now taking its toll. Why do things always go wrong for me? So now I’m very close to throwing in the towel and saying that’s it! I’m disillusioned, angry, upset, tired, fed up…….. a whole range of feelings. Not to mention the time, energy and money invested over the years in trying to find ‘Miss Right’ if she ever existed.

I always dreaded reaching my 40th birthday and being alone with no woman by my side to celebrate it. It now looks like this could soon be a reality. As the weeks and months tick by I fear this moment dawning on me. What should I do? Give up as I feel I’ve almost reached my tether, settle for second best or keep waiting till I find the right woman - the one I dreamed of having all my life? All I know is that I no longer have time on my side.

Any other guys out there who can relate to my experiences?

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