Go-Kart Circuit in Qatar

It is high time we need a go-kart circuit in Qatar. Being an F1 and motor racing fanatic, I just cannot help feeling frustrated that Qatar is deprived of a go-kart circuit, let alone one with world class facilities.

It's really hard to imagine that Qatar despite being sporting capital of Middle East actually doesn't have such a thing. The one at the City Center is pretty much equivalent of a kiddie ride. Sadly there isn't any news on the horizon of such a thing coming up either.

A friend of mine did complete feasibility study of having a go-kart facility few years back but the Sheikh (sponsor) backed out at the last minute and all the studies went down the drain.

For sure last Eid was perhaps most boring one in Qatar for me in the recent times. Lack of entertainment facilities only justifies the need for having a go-kart here. Moreover, newly adopted strict traffic laws adds to frustration of "speed" lovers. So what place better than a go-kart circuit to show off your talent and get rid of your craving for speed!??

Any comments or news on such a thing happening in Qatar?

Would anyone be interested in starting such a facility, if there's none under planning. I am very keen on this project and assure my whole hearted devotion towards it.

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