iPad lock developed by 10th grade student

An Indian student studying in 10th standard has developed a security programme for Apple which would make it tough for hackers to get into. The IT experts from Apple too appreciated the quality of the security programme. Indian Student Rahul Agrawal who is studying in St. Georges school at Agra has developed the programme after toiling on it for around seven months. He has been invited by Apple to attend the World Developer Council which will happen in the month of June this year. This new security lock will be displayed at the event.

It all started when Rahul downloaded a software for free on his iPad by breaking a code with the help of a software Red Snow. After this he started working on preparing an unbreakable security programme. He downloaded the Apple software and studied the source code. He identified the loopholes and worked hard on eliminating those. As a result after the hard work of seven months he could prepare the security programme which even Appleā€™s IT experts found difficult to break. Apple has gifted him iPad3 for attaining this feat.

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