iPhone 4S Price

If you look at the initial price of the iPhone when it is just launched, you can see a crazy prices on QL, I mean in a range of (QR 4700 up to QR 7000), my advice to everyone on Qatar, DO NOT BUY IT, when you see these prices, we all know that the actual price of it when it is just launched is QR 3199 and then it goes down gradually, as you may know that now you can get brand new iPhone 4 for 2299 QR for the 16 GB, the same will happen to the 4S, so we all should support NOT buying the 4S untill its price comes to reality.



Those people who like to own the latest gadgets wont really bother about the price! I know somebody who buy laptop and mobile the first day its launched...
I understand that, in this case you encourage this type of Acts, and we need to stop or minimize it, there are many customers in UK, USA .. who will get the first gadget by buying it from its stores or online, but none of them would  pay the extreme price to own it.
Ok I will just go to Apple Store and buy one there
why many people posting here and selling iphone4 or 4s at very low price? can somebody advice me, thanks :)
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