Karwa bus fares ‘subsidised’

The bus fare of QR2 paid by the passengers who travel by the Karwa buses is actually costing QR8. The company subsidies the balance amount of QR6 and provides the best possible means of public transport in the entire Middle East  region, said  the  vice-chairman  and general  manager of Mowasalat company, Jassim Saif al-Sulaiti in an interview to a local Arabic daily.
According to al-Sulaiti, about 90,000 persons travel by Karwa buses everyday. We began our operations with a strength of 1,200 staff and the number has gradually increased to 6,800.
We are studying the feasibility of increasing the number of vehicles in our fleet of taxis. A firm specializing in such feasibility studies has been entrusted with this task. One should understand that increasing the number of vehicles is possible only if it is economically viable. 
We understand the frustration experienced by the public waiting for taxis. This is a universal phenomenon and it cannot be solved by the numerical increase in vehicles.
The public are advised not to avail unauthorized vehicles being used as taxis.
He said shaded bus stands will be in place within a few weeks.
Karwa buses are manufactured by a factory in China with exclusive features and Karwa is an exclusive brand name. The engines for these buses are made in Germany and the body is built in China.

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