Regretfully lost my wallet/purse having around QAR. 2,000.00, ATM's, QID, etc. . inside a Taxi Cab from Karwa Bus Station to City Center in Dafna on 21st April 2012 at around 05:00 PM. Try to catch the driver but unfortunately he immediately drove fast it is a 3-digit number looks like 298/288/208 as Karwa Taxi has not painted visibly the Taxi Number in the car body or in the dash board to easily identify the number, Driver was not wearing ID even and now a days they are not issuing ticket, dispatcher in City Center is also not available. I've learned a lesson from it. Reminder to public that whenever riding a public transport such as taxi or bus must get the plate number as well as ticket so that incase of any forgotten things can be retrieved.

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