Kindergartens in Doha

Hi all

I am planning to get my son admitted in a kindergarten starting Sept 13. I have following 4 options. I will appreciate if you can rank the below options on a scale of 1-10. The ranking should be based on the quality of education AGAINST the fees charged by these schools, as per your knowledge an understanding of these schools.

A Newton British School
B Doha Academy
C The Cambridge School
D Chouefat

Any suggestion for other schools will be highly appreciated.



My niece and nephew both went to Rising Star Kindergarten. Nephew went there for three years, pre school, KG1 and KG2 and now he goes to American Academy which he got admitted on the spot because he did very well in the entrance interview. My niece still goes there and she is doing great as well. I would definitely recommend Rising Star Kindergarten to everyone. They take kids as young as 2 years for pre school then nursery and then KG1 and KG2. Their fees is like 2000 per month but it is worth every penny. They are located at the old airport area somewhere near the traffic police.

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