Lets Get United (India & Pakistan)

Whether it's a battle ground, a cricket stadium or a SAARC conference, we've been given impression that pakistanies and indians are great enemies of eachother. BUT since the gov. of Pakistan changed and people of India and Pakistan went across the borders, we found that it's not the people but politics who want to keep the gap among us. But once we are out of our countries and live in a country like Qatar, we try to find someone from our country or continent so we could share our feelings more naturally, and there is no polical impact on people to get united.

When european, american or people from west get united whenever they are away from their homes, why can't people of india & pakistan can do the same?

I wish we could have a forum, a group of people from india and pakistan who do not limit them selve to online community but try to manage to get together once in a while, out children could play together and they learn from eachother.

I'm pakistani, my parents are pakistani, but my grand parents are from india. My wife is pakistani but her parents are from india. Believe me there is no harm to get united!

Looking forward for people to step forward and join hands.