Mother and Son sleep together

'What mother could do such a thing? It is sick and beyond belief'

Fury as wife jilts hubby for son

POLICE are called in to investigate 'sordid romps' of Fife mum, 38 and her son, 18


Published: 20 Dec 2008

A JILTED husband last night branded his wife “sick and beyond belief” — over claims she was having a fling with her own son.

The shattered ex-squaddie was left disgusted after returning from a foreign work trip to find his 38-year-old missus had fled the family home with the lad, who’s just 18.

He told how her sister broke the sickening news — claiming the pair were caught in a compromising position on the living room sofa.

Outrage ... husband called cops

Another member of his family insists they found the mother and son lying naked in bed.

Last night, the 35-year-old husband said: “My whole world has been shattered. It is sick and beyond belief. What mother could do such a thing?”

The lorry driver revealed the pair fled to England on Thursday last week before he got home from France.

And he revealed he has already called in POLICE to investigate.

Incredibly, the mum-of-three, of Fife, had not seen her estranged son for 14 years — after he was taken into care with a sister.

It was only four months ago that they finally made contact again through the social networking website Bebo.

The lad had been living with foster parents in Ayrshire.


It did not take long for the teenager to strike a close relationship with his natural mother.

And the hubby — who has several tattoos of his wife’s name on his body — said he had no idea their bond was anything other than totally innocent.

He added: “When they were reunited she was overjoyed. Within a couple of months he had moved into the house with us.

‘ The pair of them jumped up. He was lying on top of her with just a robe on.. she had nothing covering her bottom half ’

“I thought he was a nice boy and like any other lad his age he was into playing his games consoles and stuff.

“My wife and the lad became really close as you might expect.”

But it’s claimed his wife and stepson started to get intimate while he was working abroad for two weeks driving his lorry.

One family member revealed how she caught the pair in a steamy clinch on the living room couch three weeks ago.

The woman — who was living in the family home but does not want to be named — said: “I came downstairs and both of them were on the couch.

“The pair of them jumped up. He was lying on top of her with just a robe covering him and she had a top on but nothing covering her bottom half.

“I was shocked and ran upstairs. I came back down and asked her what was going on.

“She told me it was a drunken mistake. It is unbelievable.”

The husband returned home from work last weekend to discover his unemployed missus had fled — taking all her clothes.

And he was left outraged when his wife’s 37-year-old sister spilled the beans over the alleged illicit fling with the teenager.

He said: “I was flabbergasted. In hindsight, they were far too touchy-feely and were always stuck to one another.

“It then came out that someone else has found them in our bed lying naked together.

“I was then told that another person walked in on them in my kitchen. I’m sickened. However you don’t think that a mother and son will be having an affair. He added: “I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach.”

The hubby — who has two children of his own — claims he was left repulsed when he went to watch a DVD and someone had left a porn movie in the machine.

The devastated father — who got married in October 2000 — added: “My head is in a spin. I thought we were so happy and I would do anything for her. Now I just want the truth out.”

Last night, her sister, also from Fife, revealed the scandal has torn apart her family — who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

And she has vowed never to talk to the mother again.

She said: “I had my suspicions for several weeks. They were always together and just the way they acted together was unnatural for a mother and son.

“She had been acting suspiciously and she gave me a cover story that she was having an affair with an 18-year-old boy who was a friend of a friend.

“But when it came out in the open I was horrified.

“Her son is only 18 but should still know right from wrong.


“However, he has missed out on his mum for most of his life and has been showered with emotion the last few months.

‘ In hindsight, they were far too touchy-feely and were always stuck to one another ’

“I fear he has been getting his emotions confused. She should be ashamed.” The spurned trucker met his missus in 2000 after they placed ads in a lonely hearts column in the local paper.

And they married after a whirlwind romance six months later.

The dad — who got divorced from his first wife in 1995 after three years — said: “When we first met she was nice, friendly and had a great personality.

“The person she has become is not the person I met and fell in love with. When I got married to her I was so happy and thought we would spend the rest of our lives together.”

Before he met her, she had three kids to three different lovers. She had only married once — to her son’s dad.

Two of her children — the teenage boy and another girl — had been put up for adoption years before. Her other daughter, aged 22, was living with her.


But the mum is guardian of the 22-year-old’s two children. She was given a residency order after her daughter fell ill with depression.

Yesterday, The Scottish Sun tracked the mum — who has also fled with her two grandkids — and her 18-year-old son to their English hideaway.

All four were holed up in a £50- a-night room at a village hotel.

But the mother insisted she and her teenage lad had done nothing wrong. She told us: “It’s all a pack of lies. My son and I have a totally normal relationship.

“This has all been made up by my husband who’s just a very bitter, petty man.

“The idea that we’re having an affair is ridiculous. I’m happy to speak to the police about it to clear my name.” She added: “I know the police are looking into this because I’ve spoken to them. But we’ve done nothing wrong.

“I don’t think we’ll get into any trouble over this because it’s just not true.

“My husband has got it all wrong but I don’t want to say too much at the moment. We just need some time to ourselves.”

Last night, a spokesman for Fife Constabulary said: “We can confirm that we have received a complaint and are currently investigating the matter.”

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