Newton International School

Dear All,
I have two daughters, newly admitted in NIS Lagoon and over the last two weeks, I have encountered several issues with this school. List of these issues have been issued in four pages email to the head of the primary and he promised to resolve, but I am quite disappointed from NIS. Examples are:
1. The homework website: Found to be a mess, in terms of inconsistency between the name of files and it contents (contradiction). For example, the file name is "monkey" while the contents are for crab, the contents of another file is about dogs while the file name is "elephant". Isn't it confusion and waste of time?
2. Me as a father for two students, after printing the homework for the two girls, I found out that I could not differentiate between homework for each one. There is no indication that this page for which year or group or even for which week of the year.
3. There are no clear instructions in the planner about which pages in which days, I mean, I could not prioritize the homework or divide it on the days of the week.
4. Homework has been issued without completing its studying at school. How can students be able to complete the homework alone without studying the same at school? Is it the school intention for parents to study first at home? Good example to this is the science for Y2, which is talking about Carbohydrates and Proteins; do you expect students at this age and year of study to know? Another good example is the timetable, how can students complete that at home without study at school.
5. The amount of weekly homework as downloaded and printed is too much, if the student will find the time at home to complete provided prior study at school, when will the teacher find the time to review and correct? I believe at the end of the day, it will be on the account of the student.
6. The space left for student to write the homework is too small for an adult to fill in these spaces with write answer, how about children whom will need double space.
7. "Parents welcome evening"! It is not really evening. Evening for me is after working hours, not during daytime where we cannot escape from office. Not only that, the notice is very short (letter on 23 Sep and you need us to attend a meeting on 25Sep).
8. The rude attitude of the telephone switch operator.
9. Lack of internal coordination, like for example the bus transportation...
10. We have been asked to print the homework at home with a claim that this will save the environment, I believed in that for a while and thought about it and found out that this is not correct and misleading. The correct approach and original intention from the school is to save the money, not the environment. Simply school wanted to save the cost related to papers for printing and resources (machines and human) required for this task for it to be performed by parents on parents' account. Sorry to say, it is sneaky attitude from NIS.
11. In addition to the above item, the school has claimed that books cost will be borne/absorbed by the school at the registration time, while now we are paying the cost related to printing. Not only that and most importantly is the quality of the paper.
12. We have been requested to purchase certain books. This approach would be fine and acceptable if it is open only to the type of books not specific books from a specific bookstore, which means that there is a business between school and this store. And this gives the opportunity for this single sourcing to take parents for right!
It is concluded to me from the above that NIS is "money-oriented" not”An international community of learners striving for excellence and celebrating success” this is just code without application!

If some of you have their children their and facing similar problem, please share with us your experience and let us put hand in hand and complain to the SEC.


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