Nice short story about "Happy Ending" Messag

His name is Frank and he's one of the more successful real estate brokers in the Tri-State area. He's good-looking and work out twice a week. He was recently engaged to this blonde chick named Trina, until he caught her sleeping with some hippie rock climber when he came home early one day, and dumped her a$s. The bitch. He'd been feeling pretty shity about that lately, and then his friend Jerry told him about this Asian Massage Parlor he goes to sometimes to relax. $100 for a massage from a hot Asian girl, and for an extra $50 you can get yourself a "happy ending," he told him with a nudge. I thought it sounded pretty interesting, and the place was right off the interstate on the way back to the condo, so he figured What the Hey, he might as well check it out.

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