Offensive Behaviour during Ramadan

Some people just don't have the sensitivity and respect to the culture, tradition and religious observance in an Islamic country where they live and thrive, earn a living and welcomed openly.

Let me share an experience that I had with my Boss while we were buying gifts from a premium toy shop for the Garangao event that we were hosting for unfortunate children.

We were at the counter paying for the gift items when a white guy approached us and asked, "What is that music being played?" His face was totally red with annoyance and his voice and expression couldn't hide it at all. He asked the same question again followed with "It's torture!"

My boss and I, the cashier and another staff assisting us were all taken aback by his question and comment. Regaining composure, my boss replied to him, "I am sorry, it is not music but that is the Qur'an being recited because it is Ramadan."

Nevertheless, even after hearing my boss' explanation, he further insisted, "It's torture! It's torture!"

Offended, my boss retorted, "I am sorry but you are being rude in saying that. You are in an Islamic country. You should learn to respect. If you cannot take it, then walk out!"

Walking past my boss, he kept on saying in a loud voice, "It's torture! It's torture!"

Shocked by such behavior, it took a while before my boss thought of going after him to further confront him. The security in charge went out with her to get the plate number or any identity about the man. Unfortunately, he already drove away. We have his plate number, though, in case my boss decides to file a complaint against him.

I myself was rooted to the spot manning our gift items but my mind was blank. I couldn't believe how callous others can be. The least he could do was apologize upon hearing my boss' explanation but no, he reiterated and repeatedly used the word "torture" as if it's synonymous to the Qur'an.

I am a Christian, but I respect deeply all religions especially Islam. Even back home in the Philippines, when my uncle and I were both in public service we supported the Muslim community in our city in all its business endeavours and goodwill. There is mutual respect. I could understand well the outrage of my boss because if I myself was offended by the white guy's behaviour, how much more she?

I just hope that those who do not have anything good to say may just shut up their mouths and refrain from saying words that insult faith and religious practices. All of us are the same. Whether Asians, Americans, Europeans, all of us are welcomed here in Qatar and given opportunities for better lives. The least we could do is respect.

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