Outcry for Parliament election

Over the past few weeks the talk of town was the heated debate taking place in local internet forums about the long awaited Parliament election

This all started with the recent Emiri Decree to extend the current Advisory council for three more years.

Miriam Al Saad wrote in her editorial this morning in Alraya newspaper, no point of elected parliament without a popular base that is produced by civic organizations


She stated , those who took the news of the latest Emiri decree with a shock has their own personal ambitions. Some are Businessmen looking to create an economical base to run their projects, those who likes to be in the spotlight, or those who thinks that the existence of an elected parliament means implementing citizens rules in spite of the government policies like demanding higher salaries than expatriates, more privileges, pay their debts, discontinue the current education reforms and independent schooling , abolish co-ed in educational institutes & government offices and the prohibition of selling Alcohol at Hotels & Qatar Airways!!!

She continued Addressing internet forums writers , Let us first learn to organize ourselves And create a civil society that speaks for all of us. Gentlemen, if you are serious about establishing a Civil society abandon first your personal desires At the expense of the homeland. and reveal yourselves and write in your real names instead of hiding behind your key boards

** My opinion: While the article may sound authoritarian & pro government, the Writer have stated important facts.

The only clear agendas by the opponents are either Islamic or tribal. No clear demands for reforms, better utilization of country’s wealth or progress in education , Technology or human rights

Is it too near to go for an elected Parliament in Qatar?

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