PayPal and debit cards

Hi there. I already have a PayPal account with a Visa credit card linked to it with no problem at all. But now I want to link my debit card, which is acceptable by PayPal, but I can't seem to link it. I was on the phone with a PayPal representative for an hour approxamitely and we found out later on, the debit card did not link was because the bank (QNB), kept on rejecting. I was furious and called QNB and explained my situation. QNB explained to me that they do not allow internet transactions by debit cards, even if it is allowed by the seller (in this case PayPal).
I've read in a post here, that someone linked their debit card to PayPal via QIIB. So my question is, has anyone added a debit card to PayPal from Qatar and from which bank? QNB really pissed me off!

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