PEC introducing Cambridge system

Pakistan Education is going to introduce Cambridge system in the School. Good Move.I would appreciate some comments from concerned parents about how they feel.
Today Pakistan Education center send circular. It has 4 points, and have to tick the box YES or NO.
No 3. would you be willing to pay more fees for higher quality in education?
No 4. Do you want your children to achieve “Excellence in Education"
If we will pay more fees will quality in education be good? And what should be answer of point No 4 yes or NO?
We know education is so commercial now a day but we don’t know who is going to teach Cambridge classes. Will school bring new teachers or same teachers will take new classes, in school Mostly teachers are (safarshi) and low in teaching standards. But there are good also which are very few and cannot take all classes. PEC is our community school and we like it and don’t want to send our kids to others schools. Personally I feel only English should be medium of communication in PEC. English is not our first language and Teachers in PEC coming from different Provinces, we are bound to have an accent when we speak English. There are very few who can speak the language without a grating accent.If the teachers are good in academic and performance that’s fine even with more fees, when we pay so much we expect a high quality education also, yes we need Cambridge system with new teachers.I hope School management will look into this matter.

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