Personal Loan

Hi everyone.I have taken a personal loan from HSBC and later on I transfered to MASHREQ BANK due to the lower interest rate.Unfortunately; after 3 months I got terminated from my old multi-national company. I am now working to a local company. Now the problem is; MASHREQ BANK took all my gratuity and forcing me to find a guarantor because the bank is claiming that my new company is not a so called '' approved loan company ''.I contested and informed the bank that my personal loan was approved prior for my end of service from my previous company. I informed the bank also that I never signed any waiver or any aggreement that in case of end of service my gratuity will be taken by the bank; besides this was the first thing I asked during the application of personal loan transfer and the agent that time has told me that there will be no problem at all. According to the agent the gratuity will be held for a while until I transfered my salary to the bank from my new company regardless whether it is a approved loan company or not.
The bank refused to take my salary transfer unless i presented a guarantor who will issue a full payment check for the remaining balance of my personal loan.
The bank keeps on threatening me especially these rude and unprofessional agents that keep throwing bad words on me.They say that they will file a case againsts me and they will send me to jail and worst they will hold me in the Immigration.For what?for not presenting any guarantor or because of my present company is not a approved loan company.I dont have any late payments on my personal loan.I deposit cash for my payments.
Please anyone help me concerning this. I am sick and tired of all the harrashments and threats from MASHREQ BANK.Thanks and Godbless

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