Pit Stop, Motorcycle Apparel and Accessories

Pit Stop was founded in 2005 by – Myself ..

Many people wonder why Motorcycling, and why not a fashion store more targeting the female audience. My only reply would be, Why not? – Honestly, my passion for motorcycling started in 1999, but I only took it seriously in 2003.

After meeting with a few connected people at the Losail International Circuit from Helmet and Gear company's, I thought why not start something new in Qatar? I drove around and managed to find a great location that served my purpose. Until the shop was ready, I was selling through the local forums and through my contacts.

Having a soft launch was good because getting too much attention in the beginning isn’t always good. I needed to test the market and see how things worked. We were the first and only specialized apparel and accessories store in Qatar.

To cut this long story short, the QMMF decided on starting a local championship and as Pit Stop, we sponsored the first independent local team in Qatar. We always won a podium, if not two – per race. We did it for two consecutive years. It was an amazing feeling – Team Owner, Team Manager – myself :: running a winning team in Qatar. Everyone in the business spoke about the success, it was something to talk about.

Now after three years of being in the business, we decided to take a break and work on a good and strong come back in the near future.

I thought I should keep my promise to my QLVG friends and post something about Pit Stop before I leave.

If you are interested in being in touch with us, add us on facebook: (( PitStop Qatar )) or become a fan ((Pit Stop, Motorcycle Apparels and Accessories – Qatar )) for updates.

I wish you all a Happy Eid – Happy Holiday and I hope to meet you all soon, in the near future.


Managing Director, Pit Stop

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