Qatar field ineligible player: QFA CLEARED

UPDATE: The QFA have been cleared of any wrongdoing;,8659,23876606-23210,00.html

Despite losing to Australia last night, Qatar are still in the hunt to qualify from their group. However, the following could scupper all their hard work;

AUSTRALIA's World Cup qualifying group has been thrown into chaos with rivals Qatar facing a possible three-point deduction for fielding an ineligible player.

The Sun-Herald understands both Iraq and China have filed complaints with world governing body FIFA over Brazilian-born Marcio Emerson Passos, who represented Qatar in their 2-0 win against Iraq last March.

Passos represented Brazil at youth level, making him ineligible for Qatar under FIFA regulations. Those rules state that teams fielding ineligible players will retrospectively forfeit the game with the three points awarded for the win handed to the opposition.

Before this morning's games, Qatar and Australia were level on seven points at the top of the group with Iraq on four and China three.

A FIFA spokesman told The Sun-Herald that it acknowledged Qatar had fielded an ineligible player but the Qatari Football Association had not been at fault.

However, should Qatar qualify for the next round, appeals from Iraq, China and Australia cannot be discounted. Football Federation Australia officials are understood to be wary of becoming mired in a diplomatic row while qualifiers are still in progress.

The QFA don't seem to know what's going on;

A Qatari Football Association spokesman said he did not know why Passos was suspended.

No one had told the QFA why, he added.

"China complained, then Iraq complained, but no one will tell us why," the spokesman said before last night's match.

"No one knows. No one knows anything."

The issue is believed to centre on the 2006 detention of Passos by Brazilian police for falsifying a birth certificate. That certificate was used to issue a passport in a different name to his own.

Football Federation Australia officials are understood to have known of the situation for several weeks but, wary of becoming mired in a diplomatic row while qualifiers are still in progress, will await the final outcome of the group before raising the issue with FIFA.

The incident has the potential to prove embarrassing for the QFA, which has adopted a policy of recruiting foreign-born players for its national team.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
and: The Age

UPDATE: The QFA have been cleared of any wrongdoing;,8659,23876606-23210,00.html



so that means socceroos were playin a wait n watch game...planning 2 file complaint of their own if they had lost. by the way, how many players in their team have their origin down under?


Yes, that's usually the way it happens in football - keep hold of any potentially useful information until you need it!

The issue isn't with the origin of the player, but the fact that he has previously represented Brazil.


whilst playing for England Schoolboys, but later became a full Welsh can happen. The situation was different because Giggs was eligable to play for either Country.

I think the problem is that Marcio Emerson Passos will probably only have a Qatari passport whilst he plays for the Country. When he's finished, his passport will be withdrawn and he'll be on his way.
( This is what ive heard from the locals at work). It is a little sneaky to be honest.

You can laugh at me all you like because I have Alzheimers, .......but at least I dont have Alzheimers


All our players are Australian Citizens, they just play for european teams local teams as there is no money in Australian Football/Soccer (although it is getting better) and none have played at for other national teams at any level other than Australia. Mattyhardinglover is right Marcio Emerson Passos will only have his Qatari passport as long as he is useful to Qatar and will never have full citerzenship here just as none of us will.


@matt, I doubt that happens, there's this one Omani guy that was given a passport and he's quite well known (he stopped playing like 15-20 years ago)

That goes to you too mis-cat. Despite what you might 'think' get some proof.

My friend is a Palestinian with a passport and after his has never been taken away and never will.

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There are a lot of people here of different nationalities that have a Qatari passport. A lot of these were issued some 20 years ago before all the newer laws were introduced. it is a fact At present even if you purchase land here you only hold residency as long as you hold the land. For those that do hold a qatari passport that are not of Qatari nationality it means S*&t in other words as far as the Laws here are concerned it gives you no more rights than any expat here. I also know of a few people here with Qatari passports but they still need a national sponsor to do business.


um... what does a residency permit have to do with a passport?
It's the same case in ALL countries that issue residency permits based on property.

Or else people will just buy and resell land and everyone will get a residency permit.

As for the passport issue meaning "sh it" could you please provide proof because my friends that DO have the passport aren't saying this.

Unless this is a secret I'm not in on. I'm looking for some evidence.

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what my Qatari colleagues are saying at work.
A quick check on the net found 3 examples in the current squad

1,Sebastien Soira, (1983-11-08) (age 24) Place of birth Paysandu, Uruguay.

2, Emerson Passos de Albuquerque , 1978-12-06) (age 29) Place of birth Brazil

3, Fábio César Montezine (1979-02-24) (age 29) Place of birth Londrina, Brazil

All arrived in 2005 and played for Qatari clubs, permitting them to obtain a National Passport and represent Qatar.

Aspire is the way forward and its a great initiative. Importing 2nd rate Brazilians who dont cut the grade at home or in Europe isnt.

When ive been here two years can I have a passport?


I agree with most off u butu hve some wrong info, first regarding this statement that "A Qatari Football Association spokesman said he did not know why Passos was suspended.

No one had told the QFA why, he added.

"China complained, then Iraq complained, but no one will tell us why," the spokesman said before last night's match.

"No one knows. No one knows anything."
this is completly lame excuse, how can he say that, we knew abt it month ago (ofcourse i knew it thru my favourite qatari sports TV known as Alkass) thts y eme was banned for the last couple of official games.

And for ur information, Emerson was jailed for abt half year couuple of sesons b4, he was caught onboard in Brasil while traveling to Doha with invalid passport n the only reason he came back is the loyalty of al sadd club 4 him, they sent a team of expetrs to get him out lol.

And at this (whoami's post) "Wait that doesn't make sense, you complain 'AFTER' the game? That's like saying, we wanted to see if they won before complaining"
as Tallq said this is the way it is in football, thts how it works lol.

At MattyHardingLower.
mate i agree with u at giggs case but i think giggs played only at junior level wch doesn't counts but in case of eme he played with youth.
Mate "All arrived in 2005 " what u said is not true Soria was here for four years he played one season with garrafa and three with Qatar club, and QFA also lied abt his age during doha 2006 asian games claiming that he was only 18 whn actually he was 22 then lol.

Fabio cesar is Brazilian but as u said he was born in brasil no he is Italian born Brasilian.(Although wikipedia says he was born in Brasil) He used to play with Napoli b4 joining al- arabi played for them a season then moved to ummsalal and since has played two for two seasons here.

And eme too was arived 3 years ago (played all the 3 seasons with Al-sadd)

Am sorry if i have shown any disrespect to anyone of u, but this is what i know, pls let me know if am wrong abt any point.


at the end of the day people can complain about Qatari players as much as they want (as if no other country has non-'original' players), at the end of the day, if Qatar broke any rules, they'll get what's coming, otherwise, all's fair and people can moan as much as they want. Simple as. :)

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mate am too qatari team lover and may be more then u (thats am sure lol) but its the qfa i was complaning coz they allowed eme to play, sop they r responsible 4 the concequencies, and that was a bigt lie that they didnt knew what was going on lol.
And abt non-qatari players in not anything unfair. Whats the problem with that???
Do u knw what french nevr won any World Cup until a majority of foreign players including the likes of Lilian Thuram, Marcel Desailly, Youri Djorkaeff, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet and the super dupa ZIZOU zinedine zidane )who scored twice in the world cup final) won it for France.

And same apply for the Germans whn they refused to add any non-german lad in the national team, The great Legend and the best defender in football history Franz Anton Beckenbauer who was the main orgainiser of Fifa world cup 2006 said that if France can do it with non French then y not Germany and as a result they added some other lads to the squad including Klose, podolski, asamoah, and David Odonkor.


sorry Sadavvi, but nobody has the right to claim their heart is larger than another person. (By the way, first you say 'maybe' then say 'am sure' :S)

My reply wasn't directed to you.

And perhaps you didn't understand my reply. It is simple, I am saying that Qatar is following the rules and if they aren't, the correct authority will solve that, so there is no use for anyone to complain.


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mate we both suppor qatar so no more argue lol
yalla join hands and pray they beat iraq.
btw one last thing R u rayyani?


Your right about Giggs, Im sure he was an under 16 player for England , but he had a welsh mother and English father.
All the Info on the Qatar situation came from other Qataris and Wikpedia. I dont follow the in's and out's of the Qatar National team, but did wish them all best last night. You should have made the most of those first half chances.

Whoami, yor passionate about it and I respect that, but we'll just have to disagree mate. 2 years in the Qatari domestic league shouldnt qualify you for a passport, but you are right that it happens elsewhere. Good luck withthe rest of the Qualifying stage.

You can laugh at me all you like because I have Alzheimers, .......but at least I dont have Alzheimers


ya mate i read his biography abt disputes b/w father n mother lol
do u know tht he is mixed clord race?
he didnt played for england acording to what i rea dwas that he wanted to stay on his mom's side so he prefered wales.


in their desperation to win many countries employ this technique and use any player from any country to repesent another nation as long as they bring glory. qatar isnt the only country. many countries do commit this deplorable blunder.

funny part is medals will come and so will controversy.

however vocal the support for qatar is, china and iraq are justified in their complaint.

just because in this case the mistake is on qatar we cant whitewash the mistake.
this is a major embarrassment for qatar football and it deserves rebuke.


they should trian their own players and should not depend on outside help very sad and an embarressement to qatar


goaboy - this sort of thing isn't restricted to Qatar, it goes on all round the world. Many, many countries have athletes who weren't born in that country competing for them, in many different sports.

Athletes may choose to compete for a country other than the one they were born in for many reasons, eg; being brought up/living in a different country for many years so it's effectively their homeland; wanting to play for a more successful country; wanting financial reward for playing for a country.

Probably more than any other country, Qatar have pushed the limits of what is and isn't allowed. However, this doesn't mean they've done anything wrong. If they had done something against the rules and regulations of a particular sport then they would have been punished accordingly by the federation in charge. I am not aware of any cases of this happening (which doesn't mean it hasn't).

In this case it looks like they may have broken the FIFA regulations. We'll wait and see what the outcome is. I expect it will be forgotten about if Qatar don't qualify from this group.


BREAKING NEWS from,8659,23876606-23210,00.html

Qatar cleared over player row

QATAR have been cleared of any wrongdoing despite allegations they fielded an ineligible player in a crucial World Cup qualifying win over Iraq, football's world governing body FIFA said.

Iraq, as well as Asian qualifying zone Group One rivals China, protested over Brazilian-born Marcio Emerson Passos playing for the Gulf side in March's match in Doha which Qatar won 2-0.

They claimed that Emerson had represented Brazil at youth level and was therefore ineligible for Qatar under FIFA regulations.

But FIFA said the Qatar Football Association were not to blame and noted that Emerson has not played since.

"We can confirm that we received a request to look into the eligibility of the player for Qatar following the match between Iraq and Qatar," a FIFA spokesman said in a statement.

"The FIFA Disciplinary Committee examined the case and determined that the Qatar Football Association was not responsible.

"It was also ascertained that, pursuant to the decision of the Qatar FA, the player is not eligible to play for Qatar and cannot play any further matches for the representative team of Qatar."

Had Qatar been found guilty of the offence, they could have been docked the three points they had won.

Qatar and Iraq are locked on seven points each in Group One and meet in Dubai on Sunday with the winner guaranteed a place in the 10-team, final Asian qualifying round.

Australia, who top the group with 10 points, have already made sure of their place in the next stage.


I think Whoami supports Al Rayyan but is too ashamed to admit it publicly...

Come and support Gharafa next season Whoami!

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