The Qatar Living Survey

Ive just visited this site for the first time in quite a few months, and saw the pop up window requesting me to take part in a survey. I generally have no problems with surveys. However, I have to seriously question the need for anyone to ask my income, how many credit cards I have, the credit limit on those cards and if its a master card visa etc.

I quit the survey about three quarters the way through, half expecting my credit cards to have been maxed out. Have you not heard of identity theft? what possible relevance do those questions have to the users of this site? How exactly will that information enable you to provide a better website?!?

I found the questions far too financially specific to be of any relevance to an expatriate website. Just what data do you hope to get from this? Well it won't be my financial details thanks!

so thanks QL, I feel the need to have a long shower.......and not return here for another few months.

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