Dear Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar,

Please kindly instruct Traffic Police patrol car or Alfazaa patrol car to keep sweeping the parking area infront of Qatar Petroleum / Municipality office building in Al Sadd especially in between 7am in the morning to 02pm in the afternoon as hit and run keep happened in this parking area at busy hours.

Mostly Qatar Petroleum Group employee who's working in Ras Laffan are parking their car in this parking lot, in the evening when they return they keep found their car dented because somebody hit the car and run without leaving any notice. Understand in the morning people are roaming in this area looking for parking coz they need to go to Municipality or Court. As the parking lot also limited then people start to park their car carelessly in between two rows or on top of the sidewalk which is not dedicated for parking. The road become narrow because there's a lane of parking in between two rows, and this causing difficulties to the driver to maneuver their car and sometimes hit others.

So many cars in my company got hit and run while parking there. One car got hit and left with a full broken back glasses, one SUV got somebody wrecked his bumper for 2 times, some cars found his side mirror broke, some cars found his headlamp broke, two cars found his door dented, and for scratches body cases: countless.. And today is my lucky day... I found my rear bumper scratch and dent.. We don't know who did this nasty things to our cars and we have to spend money to repair our cars because of this irresponsible things. We have no more place to park as that place is our dedicated parking lot from the company.

To Qatar Traffic Police Department (Patrol Car), please please please keep patroling in that area especially 07am-02pm. Please please please apply a HEAVY PENALTIES to all cars parking carelessly in front of Qatar Petroleum / Municipality office building in Al Sadd so there will be no more driver parking carelessly and no more hit and run cases, thank you..

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