second hand cars

where can i get good selection of second hand cars and do yu have any idea about te price range.

how much does new ones cost - not the very posh ones - jus moderate like toyota corolla or honda city type and can u recommned some good cars?



Most car dealers will sell you 2nd-hand cars that they're the agents for.
Try the classifieds in the papers or drive along Salwa Road, all the way up to the Industrial Area you'll find 2nd-hand car showrooms.
For the new ones just use a telephone and call the dealership. In general they're in the $12,000-$16,000 range.


any idea how the car loan is ? i mean how much intrest we have to pay for usppoose i get car for 50000 QR?
can u recomend the cheap and good cars


is there a good 2nd car for 15,0000? can i loan it in the bank?

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