Stop the Lady Gaga Concerts.

Filipino Christian conservatives denounce Lady Gaga concert

MANILA (Reuters) - Conservative Christian groups in the Philippines on Saturday marched near a shopping mall to demand the cancellation of Lady Gaga's two concerts next week, saying her songs carried "demonic" undertones.

The protests in the heavily Catholic Philippines followed a decision this week by authorities in Indonesia, a secular state but with the world's largest Muslim population, to refuse her a permit to perform in Jakarta next month.

In Manila, dozens of anti-riot police stopped hundreds of protesters from two groups from marching to the concert venue with placards reading "Stop Lady Gaga concert" and "Don't support Lady Gaga".

A much larger group prayed and sang hymns as the performer arrived in the evening in the city. Protesters planned to hold a prayer vigil on Sunday ahead of the performances.

Concert organizers said they were aware of no plans to cancel the concerts, with fans prepared to pay up to 15,000 pesos ($350) for tickets -- in a country where the average monthly wage is about 10,000 pesos.

"We're hoping that if they will continue the concert, they should tone it down," Benny Abanted, a Christian pastor, told reporters. "She should not sing songs that could offend our spiritual senses or wear bikinis in front of the crowd."

Other group members described her songs as "grossly blasphemous, immoral, lewd and carrying demonic and occultist undertones".

Protests in South Korea, which has Asia's second largest population of Christians after the Philippines, prompted authorities to bar under-18s from Lady Gaga's concert.
Source: Yahoo Maktoob


She can come play in Abu Dhabi if she wants. I'll go see her. :)
yay finally the dumb woman will get what she derserves
Just imagine, if this happend in an Islamic country, or any cleric said anything against her, ..... OH then what will happend in QL ????
Last time I checked Jakarta, Indonesia was a Muslim country and she was banned from playing there last week sajmarhab. Funny, nothing on QL and not much in the papers, so your point is what?
Well, if that is their priority, so then be it. Each to their own. It's pretty funny actually :P
sajmarhab: I don't get your point! We are talking about a group of Christian conservatives and not about an official prohibition from a Christian state. Like Miss Mimi said, the artist was banned from a Muslim country... BIG DIFFERENCE. If you are going to spill hate against Christians, at least do it in a more intelligent way.
she doesn't have a willie.....
Et e reform and then burn her at the stake! We need to do away with witches and demons ...
Hmmm, why are people so very interested in other people's private parts? Weird!
They are bored with themselves, and jealous.
AP, Lady "Joker" Gaga is She Male..... :P
Sad that these attitudes still prevail.
Mr.Aakhri-pasta, seems you are kidding right? Thats why her name is LADY GAGA..LADY means Woman, Girl,Feminine,SHE.Dont confuse yourself.I hope this will help you a lot.
It really is simple, if you don't like her music or her shows don't go but don't try and stop other people that want to attend. I don't like her music so I don't buy tickets for her show but I don't go around protesting that she should be banned. How would you like people outside your church/temple/mosque protesting that you should be banned from practising your faith because it offends another persons rational thought?
For some people yes but the principal is the same
high5 moza!!! ohhh i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveee uu!!! :D personally i like Gaga's most of the songs, they carry a deap meaning in well...most of them :) yet like MiMh said, if you dont like something or someone, y bother even to look, let them go their way while u walk on urs!
anyway, the right to protest or air view is a constitutional right in our country.
What deep meanings ?
Lada Gaga just another one of the "Chosen" that subvert through music. Wasn't it her having a three-some with two guys in one of her latest videos? Yeah - oh, so very talented. *gag*
Where did Bing Crosby, Cher, Barara Sreisand and Elkie Brooks go ?
i myself find it depressing that pop stars get accused of being satanic and bear the brunt of religious hatred these days. that must mean rock music is truly dead... re: lady gaga's gender - i remember my little sister saying a couple of years ago that there was some urban legend about lady gaga not being biologically female. apparently she disproved it by opening really wide while virtually naked in one of her music videos. the one with beyonce in it, i think
Again I ask...why are some people so very interested in other people's private parts? Very, very WEIRD!!!!!!
i can't say anything about the people here nomerci. but spreading rumors questioning celebrities' genders is simply something kids do. there were also stories about megan fox just because some people noticed she had something that looked like an adam's apple. there were several versions of this about the spice girls during my childhood too. same old stuff.
"..Last time I checked Jakarta, Indonesia was a Muslim country and she was banned from playing there last week..." Indonesia is a country with majority muslim population but it is not an Islamic country as islamic shariah is not implemented there.
insanityOO7: Even Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic country, because the Saudis apply the Shariah law discriminately.
Marco, interesting kind of view...where do you put Qatar then?
Nomerci, no country is Islamic. It's like saying chocolate is emotional, it's nonsense.
to the OP: Western liberal views don't play everywhere and stars like Lady Gaga know this. ... Banning her concerts isn't going to stop her from promoting her in the Philippines. NM:there are no countries today that actually practice Sharia law. period!
The earlier Muslim intellectuals' scholars and philosophers saw Islam beyond sharia, and beyond its textual appearances. Unfortunately NM Today's Islamic world can't get its brain past nonsense things like ooh she took a pic while holding a bra! Or GRR! Some crazy pastor out there in Texas said he will burn the Koran! And all the big bangs that comes with it!
mozaismyhero...thing is, I can't count how many times I have heard the term "Qatar is an Islamic country".......nonsense or not, if I want to wear a short skirt, I can't, because Qatar is an Islamic country and I have abide by the rules that implies. (please do not ask me the rules....)
Marco, I wonder what those guys would think if they saw the situation today....
nomerci: not sure why you can't wear them. I see ladies in mini-skirts everywhere. Was down at Dukhan beach the other day and saw women in swimming in bikini.
flor1212 although there is freedom of expression, your rights end exactly where mine begins (and vice-versa).
Well...I'm certain Lady Gaga is reacting to all this with a poker face, cause she's just born this way, and all she wants to do in the Philippines is just dance in front of the paparazzi.
dear all...where are those who were against racism & all sorts of blah blah blah's when it came to this topic? if you hate lady gaga for her sex transformation, blame the scientists who found it 1st, its 95% because they found it that other people use it. again, its her wish & as long as it doesnt cause any disturbances to others why bother??? what happened to Jenna Talackova of Canada? i believe she protested & got her place back on track! why bother what she follows or whats lying underneath her inner wear as long as you dont follow it or as long as her song doesn't make any impact on any of our lives? if you say her videos are too exposive, then how about the other female artists? are they singing with Abaya's on??? this is a marketing tacktic used by the artists to gain attention of the spectators, few takes it positive, while some look at it more close than anything else, silently enjoys it & then starts to Criticise. ha ha! i believe there are some present here in this topic too!! each of us lives with different previews & beliefs of life, yet the art of music brings all of us to gather at some point, as far as im concerned she does obey all the tune & musical rules in almost all het products & they are O-U-T S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G!!!! don't tell me non of you have even hummed at least a small verse of her songs or the least never even have thought what it really means, when it was on air or from where ever u have heard it! (then again, if u dont like her music when its being played without your control , i hope there is an "off switch" in every radio :D ) she is one great artist with her very own style & waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than girly-beiber or that dumb-bull!!! Also if you believe she must not be given any publicity it is ur duty not to comment on threads like these for weather your comment is negative or positive, it only makes her more famous!! long live gaga!
oye Akhari Pasta, by must be preparing ur self for your last big day, reading some religious books, thinking of your after death life and writing ur last will.....not wondering whats inside gaga's pants!
:D again! y bother about anothers life when u have got one of ur own??
Lady Gaga must be really happy, the idiots that protest against her increase her music sales and concert tickets.
i am bothered about her music while ur bothered about what's within her underwear Aakhri-Pasta! after all....what do u really know of music my dear fella??? ha ha! that shows ur state withing the poor little kids!im happy u are actually using her music to provide some freedom to ur relations in some way!
ha ha! u'll be banned from the family for putting the kids in to a koma! lol!
"keep talking about me, you're making me famous" Ga-ga-oh-la-la!
mike be careful........Aakhri will jump in to u in no time to check ur...........................!!!
like gaga taste??
BG, AP, or whatever your new nickname is. Lady Gaga is a female named Stefanie Germanotta - if you are so keen to know more about her, then follow this link:-)
No, but you certainly seem to. Your facination with it shows an interesting side to your personality.
Again, like I said, you seem facinated by this subject. I really don't care whether she's male or female!
the protesters apparently didnt come back for the second night of her concert. they now found something else to waste time on. these people were just copycats and attention wh0res and they wanted to be like the protesters in indonesia and korea who got international media attention. pretty pathetic
do you really mean that? Watch your words!
Which comment do you resent?
LoL! Be afraid Moza, be afraid!
that was a lovely crazy wild night
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