Traffic is Stressful ... so Is Doha Bank ...

Last week I tested my car, re registration.

Fail Technical for one reason, cracked suspension strut.

Failed legal for 3 reasons, tinted glass (I have certificate), chipped/dent in front bumper (I hit a police car, but that’s a different story), and a Qatar Living sticker on paint work.

OK, off to Hyundai, they fix suspension and paint the chipped bumper, dent is minor, Hyundai says police will accept it.

Re tested, no problem with suspension, passed. Police sign off tinted glass, QL sticker and dented bumper ………. Great!!!

So I thought!!! Went to register, they want QR6000 fine for going through red light!!!!

I called hubby, said I do not remember going through red light, he said OK, we’ll fight it. But they say I must go to Madina Khalifa.

So that night I check MOI site for time and date. I remember the incident. I leave the Family Food centre, head up airport road to the traffic lights to do a U turn. They are broken, all black. I wait 5-10 minutes, horns behind are honking, so I wait for big gap and go, everybody follows.

Next morning (after test) I dropped son at school, then I heading down to police station at Madina Khalifa. I went to the fines counter and ask for the photo. They printed out the photo, it was my car but you can’t see the traffic light green or red. You only see ‘black’. So I tell the ladies who serve in the counter my side of the story, they said I can go to see Colonel and explain it to him.

Up and down the place still can’t find the colonel’s room, there were 2 policeman serving the reception counter. They asked me, ‘Can I help you Mam?’. I explain to them again and they asked me, “Are you sure the light broken? We can check you know”. I told them go ahead if they want to check it. Then both of them talking to each other in Arabic and then told me that I need to see the colonel and he will reduce the fine to QR 500.

Cut the long story short, I went to see the Colonel … for God knows how many times I explain to him again. And he said OK, we reduce the fines to QR 500. I still want to argue because I feel that I am still innocent… but then how long I will have to hang around on the police station? So I went to another counter with this Colonel. He said something to the guy in the counter, after I waited for few minutes he said ‘khalas’ my fine now QR 500 instead QR 6000. Now I can go down to pay.

Off I went to the other section where you pay your fines. Gave my ATM card from Doha Bank. And I supposed to key in the pin number. Once failed, twice failed, thrice failed. The girl who served me said that I don’t have enough money in the account. I said I have more than enough. And she said I need to come tomorrow and come back again … I said no way … today is my last day of registration, if I come back tomorrow they will asked me to pay another QR 1500 for late registration penalty.

I start sweating … have a look at my purse, although I have enough cash they won’t take the cash. Then somehow I see my Barclay Visa Card (just happened few days ago hubby back from the UK and he brought back our new credit card, I don’t usually carry it around when I am in Doha, somehow when hubby passed the card to me I did not put it away, I just slot it in my purse instead, and it was really a god send right now).

I paid the fine with the Barclay Visa card, and the registration with the same card. Thanks to Barclays, and get lost Doha Bank.

Not sure I suppose to be happy because I only pay QR 500 instead of QR 6000 or I suppose to be mad because I am totally innocent and still have to pay the fines QR 500. I am just glad I get through the ordeals and still not losing my mind. Hope we do not suffer anything more serious, I felt like OK, your proven innocent, so instead of 6 yrs in prison, we only jail you for 6 months !!!! Maybe I been here too long … :-(

PS: Special thanks to Amnesia, who offer to go with me to the traffic police and help me sort the problems out. Although in the end I did not go with him, but I appreciate his offer.

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