UnProfessional behaviour from Al-Rafa Clinic, Doha

I have very hard experience last night from Al-Rafa Clinic, Doha. They have very good pediastrist and ofcourse there will be a great rush to consult to him. But the management staff always play with tocken and they issue tocken seeing the face of the person. Last day they provide the tocken NO. 17 and for the person just BEHIND me they issue Tocken No. 09.

The thing which hurt me, once i questioned this, they simply telling to complaint if you want and extend the complaint form to me. Ofcourse from their activity i come to know that my complaint is going to trash bin. so i didn't do that. I want my complaint to reach to High Management of the Al-Rafa Clinic.

This type of misbehaviour from the staff will distroy the great reputation of the Moopan's Group.

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