Will ‘a must’ for all Expatriates!

Writing a will to ensure that your affairs are in order should you pass away is of utmost importance to expatriates living in Qatar, says a local expert who stressed that certain procedures can make posthumous arrangements particularly difficult if steps have not been taken.
Mohamed Marria, senior estate planner at Just Wills, recently spoke to Gulf Times on the challenges associated with the death of a loved one, and urged expatriates to take steps to ensure that should the worst occur, their spouse is able to deal with the situation as easily as possible.
“What I am doing is trying to educate people on the importance of making a will,” he said, adding “the way I see it is that having a will is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
“In the GCC, local state Shariah Law means all bank accounts are frozen as soon as they are informed of the individual’s death – there is no concept of either or survivor accounts no matter what a bank tells you,” he explained.
“At this point, the person realises he/she cannot put food on the table or afford to repatriate their spouse’s body,” said Marria adding “then their visa has to be cancelled if they are on the deceased person’s sponsorship.”


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