worst people in driving

today was suposed my beautiful day if i didnt met to some one that ruin my first activity on the street.
it was started when i was about to enter the busiest road in mughalina, sudenly there's a car passing by in front of me and stop on the side on the road immediatly,the driver wanted to stop of the road since he can't get a parking space on the side of the road. and it was surprisingly since the car was sudden brake though the driver put hazard light,i spontanly press my horn and pass HIM.but what he did he pass me and cut my drive way. What he did was make my wife shock!!i was told what a stupid driver,he was out from the car and also out of my car,and suddenly he was shout "are you f***ing blind tht did not see my hazard light,,,, as he talk rude to me first than i answer him rude as well what is your f***ing problem ,dont you see there's car behind you,,,anyway is not suposed to stop since ther's no parking space.

and he still barking,til the girl with him out of his car and trying to let us calm down,,,,
maybe this guy still thinking that what he did is right,he take picture of my plate number,and dont know for what purposes but it's okay for me, maybe he got jealous since my car is ugly but has fancy plate number not like him that driving 4x4 car but the plate number is bad,,,,

my messages to this guy,just put respect to other driver since not only you are driving in qatar.

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