beach sex briton rearrested

I remember reading and commenting somewhere about this guy's dumb action before he left the UAE - to turn his nose up at the host country when he was allowed leniency - a suspended sentence and just a fine. It's like "looking a gift horse in the mouth". No decency whatsoever and no common sense either. So, I'm not surprised to read this:-

Beach sex case Briton rearrested

LONDON: A British man convicted of having sex on a Dubai beach was rearrested late Monday as he prepared to board a flight back home, his London-based lawyer said.
Vince Acors, 34, was due to land at Heathrow airport early yesterday after being deported from the emirate, lawyer Andrew Crossley said.
But Crossley said his client was detained at Dubai airport and returned to jail as his flight confirmation was allegedly “not in order”.
“He has been returned to jail, his precise return is now unknown,” Crossley said late Monday.
Acors’ return had already been held up once. He was due to return on Friday but there was a delay in the deportation process.
Acors and Michelle Palmer, 36, were found guilty in October of having sex on the beach in Dubai.
An appeals court last month suspended a three-month jail term but the two were ordered to pay a 1,000 dirham ($270) fine for drinking alcohol and ordered expelled from the country. – AFP

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