Leopard In Landcruiser

Did any1 saw golden land crusier at cornich maseera last nyt havin a leopard at back seat....???

i was soo xcited to see it... n den followed the car 3 tymz n then able to stop n pet the female leopard name "LURI".... n took snaps... it was fun lookin at it... n she was enjoying the maseera too by comin out of the window n lookin around happily ... im soo xcited about it... wana see her again.... if any of ya knw that guy n have his contact plz inform me by email....thanx....


An idiot looks for an idiot.
It's not a leopard it's a cheetah
lol...Boston..nice one..i dun feel any xcitment in it..
BTW they are dangerous as well.....
I hope it tears ajnabi007 apart when it can get her.
And this is why stupid people have dangerous and endangered and ILLEGAL pets because IDIOTs think it is "cool". Go take a long walk off a short quay - hopefully wearing cement boots. Then these stupid people won't have the audience they crave. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
what a way to promote animal cruelty, poaching and smuggling. in victus
are you serious??????????? Naye dost banane ki aadat hain hume, Apni alag pehchan banane ke aadat hain hume,Chahe koi kitna bhi zakhm de, Phir bhi muskurane ke aadat hain hume
marycatherine, do you know for a fact that it's ILLEGAL in Qatar?
Qatar did sign cities I believe....
maybe its own by a qatari local so there's no so called "illegal" in there dictionary. DON'T LET FANTASY ROB YOU OF YOUR REAL LIFE BEAUTY
If this is animal cruelty anyone owning a dog or a cat is also animal cruelty. Aana free, jaana free, Pakde gaye tho khana free.
Really big Leopard in Landcruiser.
Both leopards and cheetahs are covered under the CITES treaty to which Qatar is a signatory YES IT IS ILLEGAL (look it up it's not hard to find, or, better yet, ask at the Qatari Dept of Agriculture) not to mention unethical and immoral Domestic cats and dogs are not in the same category as a wild animal - anyone who puports to put them in the same category is an idiot Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Hey dude wake up..! you are in middle east anythings possible here i have seen so many times this kindaa scene in Dubai, Abudhabi and here as well Money power matters..! Simple MY RULES: 1.I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. 2.JUST IN CASE I’M WRONG SEE RULE NUMBER 1.
maryC it was people who choose to domesticate cats and dogs they din't have a choice :-) After all they are all animals its just because cats and dogs were over friendly thats the only reason stupid humans even bothered to get close to them. Aana free, jaana free, Pakde gaye tho khana free.
sorry to say but u ppl r more cruel rather then thinkin of cruelity of animal... coz itz better said dogs (animal) r better frndz then human.... so u guys can betray even after giving all love the person haf for ya... but these animal r tamed with luv... n dey neva betray after loving them wid full heart.... soo sory to say but human r no more trust worthy .. n guys itz a nature luv.. n i luv nature... n luv to b natural... n dont forget u have to go to grave... with haf insects n more dangerous animals then this... so u just burn ya self rather den gettin burried...bu huh!! m not stupid ... ya guys r more stupid... W!tH b3sT r3G@rd$, AjNaB!
LOL, simple question, simple answer, then we get many related posts going on tangents... (since 2001 - cites.org) Thanks es/maryC
Did nature intend humans to ride in Land cruisers?
So it's all a part of nature. So whatever we do is natural. So if someone decides to befriend a cheetah and ive it a LC ride thats natural too!
ok there is a gr8 challenge to all out there... just go to zoo n pet the cheetah or lepard once... n i wud give up if they let u without roarin once... huh..!! !! get a life ya looserz there... n try out new adventures of life.... W!tH b3sT r3G@rd$, AjNaB!
Thats a nice pic.
Arabic form first before English is the rule in any 'matters' in Qatar. LOL "Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach
mumnoo heero i think.. ----------------- "HE WHO DARES WINS" Derek Edward Trotter
any day now a story of a Cheetah turning on his Qatari owner. Remember the highly trained Seigfried & Roy guy from Las Vegas who was attacked by his pet? It seems to always happen sooner or later.
Only STUPID, IGNORANT AND DUMB people will have a Cheetah as a pet. Cheetah will never be a pet and never has been, its too damn dangerous I don't know what do these people think! If you can't take a dog for a walk on Corniche then where can you walk your Cheetah?????
that was pretty bold of you to go up and pat her ! ------------------------------------------ Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.
But why did he install lights inside the cheetah's eyes :P Aana free, jaana free, Pakde gaye tho khana free.
He may have a license but I doubt it gives him permission to parade it in public irresponsibly. Cats and dogs were domesticated in a symbiotic relationship that suited both the animals and the people. The animals got fed and the humans kept their grain from rodents and goats/sheep/cattle (also domesticated for our gain) from wild animals like cheetahs and leopards. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Does your friend have a licence for being qatar's official idiot?
What a lovely picture!!
Next year's stray, the Cheetah. Bit more dangerous than this years stray, the 2008 fashion accessory, the Golden Retreiver.
you see the eyes, it glows in the dark:-) "katas ng qatar"
These guys do everything to get the attention of the girls!
i hope we will not hear bad news later that the cheetah goes wild and devoured someone.. progress
..... thanx who like it... n btw its his flashy eyes... as the light were dim at place we were pattin her... n camera flash made her eyes bright...try flasin any cat n u will find same result.... W!tH b3sT r3G@rd$, AjNaB!
Eve Eve
It is illegal and they are paying people to bring them in illegally, I have been told their are thousands in Qatar and they are dying as they don't know how to take care of them, special diet and exercise is needed. Such a noble beautiful animal what a disgusting way to respect an animal, he should be in the wild not carted around like a circus act. Its true when they turn on the owner as they will being a wild animal the owners shoot them. As with all the other lawlessness the owner should be put in jail for illegally having a wild animal. Shame on the owners.
"kicked out of CITES"... LOL ... It's a UN convention, not a club!
im sorry but excitement is hardly the word for it.. the sheer arrogance of that man to bring a wild animal into a public place without considering the safety of all the other people around him.. yeah he can say that his "pet" is tamed, but who can tell when the animal instinct prevails, hmmmm... i saw one a few weeks ago, in a land cruiser and the window's rolled down, what happens if all of a sudden this animal felt the urge to pounce on a poor innocent pedestrian? hmm, i bet the owner of the "pet" didn't even thought of that... don't get me wrong, these animals are wondrous creatures, but they are not to be kept as pets....arrogant and selfish and stupid....
Oh man! i feel so sorry for that poor cheetah, that humans can be so insensitive to life really saddens me:( "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
.I guess... I've found this cheetah last week itself in an FJ from RAMADA Signal.. May be it was going for NATIONAL DAY EVENT TRAINING.... . . . . . . . Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
all the people who comment about animal cruelty can go F**K themselves......People all around the world keep exotic pets! Yes I do agree that they can be dangerous but pussies will be pussies all the times....Other people might not think its cool but for me owning an exotic animal is cool enough. Where do you see cruelty you bozo's. He having a hell of a time in the city with all the luxuries......Bravo ajnabi! not many people here in QL have the balls to appreciate anything...All here you will find crapy discussions and stupid remarks...
Afaque is absolutely right. Its not about what you keep but how you keep. "Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man" - Muhammad Ali Jinnah
OMG! The guts on you ajnabi! The closest I got to an "exotic" creature was a cobra when I was in India! Still it was absolutely dangerous to drive around with the wild cat in the back seat, one thing we know for sure is that these animals are unpredictable and that things can get gruesome and ugly very quickly. End of story, there is no need to call anyone stupid for wanting to own such animals, I am personally against it because wild animals weren't created to be restrained but to each their own.
Thanx for support .... well it depends on how ya keep them... if u darely love them den definately ya will treat them well... n i beleive everything can b changed by luv.... n these animals r hungary for luv n care... W!tH b3sT r3GArd$, AjNaB!
n thanx Afaque Bhai... W!tH b3sT r3GArd$, AjNaB!
Its not your Cheetah AjNaB, I don't know why your taking the sh*t for it and all excited....you just took a ridiculous photo with it.
Afaque did the exotic animals tell you that they are enjoying the "luxuries", You are assuming they do. I assume that since we humans want freedom above everything else, animals must too as Human Beings after all are social animals only. Will you like to live your whole life with a collar around your neck and without any freedom of movement, you will be provided the best food in the world though.. Will you agree to that? http://skadian-lifeinqatar.blogspot.com/
I suppose they are used for hunting puroses... to hunt rabbits, deers etc Aana free, jaana free, Pakde gaye tho khana free.
Yes emn I think so too at times.. And Afaque I won't go f**k myself but I do think keeping any living soul in captivity is cruelty, now you can go on abusing me or justifying your cruelty, truth will not change. http://skadian-lifeinqatar.blogspot.com/
By allowing citizens to violate the CITES treaty, the Qatari government opens itself to global criticism for being unable to regulate the import and sale of endangered species to which it has (by signing the treaty) declared publically that it will NOT allow. So, for those who condone this type of "activity" do you also condone that when one signs a UN treaty that they should not be required to adhere to it? As for this being a common occurance "everywhere" I can tell you it's not - goodness, you can be arrested and charged in Canada for having a seagull, deer, otter, or bear in your possession (they're all considered wild animals under the law). In fact, a grade school child in my province was subjected (more to the point, his family was) to official scrutiny and charges, because he brought a stuffed seagull for show and tell (also illegal in my part of Canada). In fact, it seems to be a practice in places like the southern US, parts of Mexico and Russia where the rule of law gives a lot of "rights" to idiots but does little if anything to protect endangered species - a pi$$ poor excuse IMHO. Supposedly we are the "intelligent" ones, who do not need to kill or be killed, we are supposed to be able to "think" and have "compassion" and be "caring". Incidents like these (and many other similar ones around the world) seem to demonstrate that humans are the problem - not only for ourselves and each other, but for every thing we come into contact with. I still don't think that these people have a license, no responsible Qatari government official would allow these animals (under the law and by UN treaty agreements) be kept as private pets and paraded in public endangering all those in the immediate vicinity. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Good for you Eco. That is the most sensible answer
Eco i have the plate number do u want... u r most welcme to do so... coz it will b invain... still u need to give a try?? n i dam care abt comments... i live n enjoy my life in ma own way... infact i have seen negativity in comments .. it seems all of them think they r senseable from others.... hey a great advice for all... plz sit at home as there r many accidnts out there... u may kill urself (as u know ppl driving here atfast speeds) the one who walks shud stop as any thing cud hit u to death so u al become home sick... as every positive thing have negative aspects...n same as pets... even dogs n cats can make ur life risk due to rabbies or any other disease... W!tH b3sT r3Gard$, AjNaB!
Beautiful animal. Thats suppose to be one in the protected list.
like it's a shiny new toy for them to play with. Then as they grow, they realize that the animal can bite, scratch and actually seriously harm people. Many folks try to have their big cats declawed (something I abhor even in domesticated animals). Sad really... Years ago, we had a (local) student at my school who brought in their two lion cubs for "show and tell" with their elementary class. I was gobsmacked...that they had them as pets, and more that the school permitted them to bring them in. It's just another status object that their money can purchase, like a Bentley or a diamond encrusted watch or a QR100,000 designer dress for their cousin's wedding. Unfortunately, by turning a blind eye to the trafficking in and purchase of endangered animals, Qatar is contributing to a global problem that in addition to speeding along the extinction of many species, also puts money into the hands of unsavory militias around the world, fueling civil wars, terrorist groups, and organized crime. "If you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it between sh*t and syphilis in the dictionary." - David Sedaris
lol thats awasome thanks for sharing i have seen 1 more car with cheetha nice.and dont mind them thay allways keep saying there own things and dont lisen to another just chill its like if the dogs are barking u cant stop them same is hare.i wish i could also have one but for now i have 2 cats :) peace :)
When these creatures are extinct in the wild we'll still have our memories and pictures of cheetahs in land cruisers........
Great... at least we'll have some memories.
Yeah, we still have memories of Dinosaurs in Jurassic Parks and Museums! A little bit of e-bashing is not detrimental to your health!
No not Memories really. A little bit of e-bashing is not detrimental to your health!
I know i guy have one of that . :)
What about strapping the seat belt for the cheetah? Who does that? A little bit of e-bashing is not detrimental to your health!
What's a seatbelt?
It's a "seat belt" which means "Kursi o ki peti" A little bit of e-bashing is not detrimental to your health!
he might be sheikh or beikh I give a damn.
And how on earth am I supposed to change my opinion about this place and its people and "culture"??? HOW??? Whoever is cruel enough to have these wild animals as pets (and in special parade them like that) deserve to experience the power of these animals jaws!!! And what amazes me is that it is so easy to realise that locals might feel really proud of such stupid behaviour... like if it could boost their egos. really... please someone...give me ONE good reason to change my opinion about this place and to want to stay longer than I really need to.... a 6 digit salary is not enough anymore....
Every body has his thoght a bout it. Like me I'm Qatari but I don't think so to keep this animal is safe also for people who have dogs I don't think dogs r safe and i think it's stupid behaviour to walk in the street with a dog I maight fread of dogs or I have allergic to dogs. So it depends on the person and hwo to recpect other. Some people like to keep cheeth it's his opinoin it's safe. Hope no body get attaced from cheeths or dogs
Alkhor living, personally I don't like anybody who keeps pets but I never tell them.. oops did I tell them all by posting it here ;) But I mean cheetah is a bit too dangerous, not for the outsiders but for the family where it's kept... We have a saying back home, no matter how well you treat a wild animal, it will never forget it's basic nature and the basic nature for cheetah is to hunt.. Hope nothing untoward happens... http://skadian-lifeinqatar.blogspot.com/
Again it all depend on the country laws and regulation with regards to this matter. The law on cruelty and protection of animals might be stiffer in other parts of the world but can be relax here with conditions. Lets suppose that there has been a concencious beween the governing bodies and the external law elsewhere.
What is the difference between a Leopard and a Cheetah? Everyone take a close look at the picture again and tell me the difference? A leopard looks like this: A cheetah looks like this: The author of this thread needs to check both eyes for better vision.
Alkhor... yes... thats very wise... comparing dogs and cheetahs. Thats the way to go... AFter all, you never know how unpredictable a poodle is! So, lets get cheetahs and other wild cats...
carol, We don't think that cats and dogs (hamsters, parrots?) are of any different status when compared to other animals...
it is not about status, animals are all the same and have to be respected and treated well and pretected. what I meant is that how can someone say something like that having a dog is as dangerous as having a cheetah. If nothing else it is cruel havgin such a big wild animal in a household.
Maybe someone should send these pictures to the concerned authority over here. Their contacts are mentioned here http://www.cites.org/cms/index.php/lang-en/component/ncd/?country=QA. Shouldn't criticize the whole country for the action of a couple of idiots. Maybe the authorities will take some action. If that doesn't happen, then we will actually have a valid point to complain on. P.S. - Find it very odd that most people who condone this are from a particular region. Should check with one of my friends from that region about his opinion when he gets back from vacation as well.
I like when "they" say : "it is not about status, animals are all the same and have to be respected and treated well and pretected." and they see innocent pple killed everyday without saying a single word. sorry for hijacking ajnabi007
whats the big deal? its just a big cat but i pretty sure that the "owner" will be the cheeta's meal when it get hungry :P
Yes... we do see people killed by extremists who kill lots of inocent people. You are right, it scares US a lot.
So what.... we live, we die... It's just a matter of time. :P
And Majid... I hope that most locals dont really think like you. It is so twisted that I wont even bother trying to explain it. Anyway, some of "us" have to go to work now... otherwise this country would have a few dificulties. Have fun dear! And dont need to worry, you are safe... I havent seen many poodles or golden retrievers around....
we keep saying it's too dangerous because it is, DUH!! well, if he keeps it at home, that still doesn't make it less dangerous,.. but does he keep it at home, of course not, he has to take it on the roads and show it off like some damn trophy not caring or thinking about what would happen if it pounces on some poor pedestrian.. and no, we dont have dogs at home.. :/
oh dear... even a thread about cheetahs gets compared to the wars in iraq and afghanistan...
Sensing Godwin's law coming into effect soon.
What's the point? CITES clearly do not care for the very animals they are supposed to protect. The pet shops all over Asia sell all sorts of exotic and endangered pets, there is no way that CITES never get alerted to this, they obviously accept there is nothing they can do about it. If CITES don't do anything, what hope is there? Keeping a dog is as dangerous as keeping a cheetah? Sorry but that just reflects how hard it would be to change people's views. To the person who said he is afraid of dogs and doesn't like to see people out on the streets with dogs, I do have some sympathy. I am British and think it's fine but I do know how scared some people are and also am very aware of the cultural differences we have here and at the end of the day I am NOT in Britain.
And if dogs are as dangerous/hazardous as cheetahs - I'd like to introduce you to the Saluki community in the GCC (and beyond). Salukis are the "Arab" hound bred to chase and capture rabbits etc for their masters. There are several regions in the Arab world who employ dogs as part of their shepherds for their flocks. Cheetahs/leopards cannot be compared in the same context. They are very different creatures, all are beautiful, but they are not the same. BTW who is Godwin and what is his law? Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Just wondering: Does the fact that the cheetah was seen in a land cruiser has anything to do with the owner being 'stupid, idiot, ignorant and cruel'?
he's ma friend...he belongs to the emadi family... he owns 2 lamborginiz with 3 digit qatar numba plates in uk... yea,,,he's like a celebrity among the qataris... humble and party animal...
mariecatherine, You can Google Godwin's law...
Thanks Bleu - I'd never heard of it but have observed it here and in other forums, unfortunately without knowing what to call it. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
thanks majid! people here need to use some sense!!! and sandeep, if you don;t like any pet then why the hell you are commenting......go away you crazy people!!!
220v... you really cannot see how stupid you sound? you HONESTLY think you and this friend of yours are "cool"????? Really???
fake pictures
jani itz not fake... as i have taken several shots of this pet... n i guess no need for xplainin in truth,... W!tH b3sT r3Gard$, AjNaB!
all ill say here after reading some pee wee comments; dont hate people. and for those who generalize; my dears, you all suck as for the owner of the pet; live it and the bystanders; enjoy it or avoid it *all this talk about "stupid" when most people using it are incompetent to know the ADEQUATE definition
WOW! "go away you crazy people" ...That sounds more like the town bully than someone with a point to debate. 1. A cheetah is an endangered animal, facing extinction. Comparing it with dogs and pets is beneath ridicule. 2. Whoever buys such animals, is encouraging the very activities (hunting/poaching)that endangers these animals and brings their numbers down in the wild. ( and hence I think the remarks 'stupid, idiot, ignorant and cruel' do come around...People who see connections with LC's there should try and lose the chip on the shoulder). Keeping them in captivity (even for scientific purposes) is a job for expert zoologists and hence they are not recommendable as a birthday present for a 5 yr old. (jeez!) 3. The decline in numbers of carnivores like this can tip the whole balance of an ecosystem. That is exactly why there are conventions like CITES. They can see the bigger picture and thats why they take intiatives on an international level against keeping of such animals by private individuals...and not just for the heck of it. 4. Whatever I have said above, if its new to anybody here, they need to go back to primary school.
It's quite funny when people assume that these wild majestic creatures are happy in the luxurious restrains that are offered to them.
Eve Eve
I guess the owners of these exotic animals don't understand they are wild animals that need to be in their native habitat to survive and proliferate. Its a shame future generations will not be able to enjoy WILDLIFE if its treated like an object to be locked in someones house for their benefit only. Its meant to roam free in an environment it can flourish. The owners are being very selfish, if I ever see him flaunting the cheetah around town I will give his license number to the police.
i just pray that the exotic animals comes and eat u go and report to poilce there are not only 1 but meny qatari people who have exotic pets in qatar and all i can say u cant do anything with ur ucomplaints lol get a life.all i can say go back to ur country and stay safe.i dont have any problems with qatar or qatari people :)
carol ... i never sayed me or he was cool.. but u really sound stupid by talking abt me or ma friend... u dont know me or us...and don't even try to know me ... lol dumbaxx.
220V here's what you posted " he's ma friend...he belongs to the emadi family... he owns 2 lamborginiz with 3 digit qatar numba plates in uk... yea,,,he's like a celebrity among the qataris... humble and party animal..." For some reason 3 digit qatar numba plates are associated with people who have wasta or who are socially well connected; having a lamborghini is associated with having $$ although how he can have Qatari plates on a car in the UK is a little beyond me. Being a celebrity amongst Qataris - humble and a party animal - isn't that a contradiction in terms. Honestly, from what you posted, it sounded like he is someone cool and to be admired for having money and social connections - not for being cognizant of the fact that this is a dangerous, endangered species that someone with the means and ability to help protect them and preserve them in their native habitat would hopefully be more willing to do rather than parade the animal around to garner attention. (he's already got the Lambourghini's to do that doesn't he?) Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Absoulutly right... n the daft person who frist wrote this post should be banned... total idiot.... her or him.....
the idiot for not even recognised the different of the animals.. n for her to say this crazy n lunatic idiot...
wow.. mary... easy... don't take it personal...watever i sayed is the fact... r u offended or somtn... btw happy new year to all the species in this thread... dangerous,understanding,flashy,confused,cool,jobless,... hahah... take it easy ppl... the cheatah aint comin out of this thread to byte... ok he is not cool... neighter me... happy...?
thought i can't reach the end of the thread...i just wanna say...Chillax everyone! and stay safe... "there are no mistakes...just lessons learned"
I'm not taking it personally - Goodness knows I deal with people similar to this on a daily basis, who usually, if asked politely have the grace and understanding to realize that not everyone thinks that material possessions are things to be admired. Many people I know have money and position, but they do not rely on it for their "stature" in society. Only those with low self esteem and self doubt rely on material things to show how "important" they are IMHO. Deeds speak louder than words. If you cannot live the live you admire, better that you are not noticed. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
ok mary.... thanx for da advise... but i think u r stupid...because u r trying to "fix stupid" on a daily basis.. frankly i maybe stupid too... but i don't give 1 or 2 shxx for watever u saying or typing... so save ur every deal every day for urself .... ohhh wait... is it rude,,, ok...round of applause for mary... everyone..
Obviously fixing stupid won't work with your outlook - thanks for your input, it will be filed in the circular filing cabinet with similar feedback. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
"Obviously fixing stupid won't work" u shud have thought that before,,.. so now u get the message.. and change ur signature,, it won't work anymore i guess,,, lol btw ur pussy looks cute but sad...
Well as the signature line says, you can't fix stupid - you've just proved that point. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
What a shame. Cheetahs are not pets, they're wild animals and deserve to live as one. Whoever supports this kind of thing is missing a few brain cells.
Tarzan is a fictional character and he didn't domesticate animals, he LIVED wild with them. Bit different. There is no such thing as a domesticated wild cat, they are always wild animals and need to be treated as such and ONLY cared for by people who know how to treat wild cats, and even then, those people still get hurt. "We submit to the majority because we have to. But we are not compelled to call our attitude of subjection a posture of respect." Ambrose Bierce
It's so ironic that the same folks who promote the idea of Tarzan who domesticated all animals and thought if it as such a positive thing that they decided to teach it to children, are now talking about animal cruelty. I’ve seen 100s of videos of domesticated wild cats…and they r shown off with pride…but I don’t see yall complainin….MAYYBE CUZ THEY R NOT OWNED BY A QATARI!!!!....I don't think the Cheetah looks like it is suffering in the backseat nor does it look bruised or beaten....SOME LOGIC!!!....TAKIN A CHEETAH FOR A RIDE IS CRUELTY....BUT PUTTIN IT IN A CAGE FOR PEOPLE TO COME AND LOOK AT IS NOT!!!!....hehehe. Ur either jealous or scared that's all just admit it u guys!!!
Jut Jut
*sigh* A few misconceptions really need to be cleared up here. If you look at the CITES listing for cheetahs (http://www.cites.org/eng/resources/species.html) You will see that there are 205 specimens that can legally be taken from the wild and traded as either live specimens or trophies. It *could* be possible that the owner of the above animal has done that. If the animal is the result of captive breeding (see CITES 1 exceptions) then it is classified as CITES 2 and can be traded if the required paperwork is in order. IF the guy who was seen with a Cheetah here obtained the animal through those channels than I'm afraid there is little that can be done. The moral aspect of owning a dangerous animal is one that the owner will have to address as will the Qatari government *if* it ends up attacking someone. Now *if* the animal was obtained through illegal means then I will be the first one wishing all sorts of nasty on the owner. The lack of genetic diversity in cheetah populations has them currently on the brink of extinction, some even consider them too late to save.
does this people know that cheetah's are wild no matter how you tame them. idiots!
I understand your reasoning Jut, but I would be VERY surprised if the "owner" met the criteria of article III http://www.cites.org/eng/disc/text.shtml#III I would be even more surprised if the Qatari authorities were willing to allow him to parade this animal in public IF he did have the proper papers. If it attacks someone, betcha he's the first person to deny any responsibility or accountability for not ensuring it was contained properly. Hope it's not either you or me. Many of these animals come from Saudi Arabia illegally (not saying that's the case here) so there's no paper trail of any kind. I sincerely doubt he has the official paperwork to state that the animal came here legally. Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"
Jut Jut
Unfortunatly the terms of article III are open to interpretation and mostly the responsibility of the importing state. Someone with enough influence may be able to get clearance. Was just trying to add some balance to those who thing all trade in these animals is illegal or braking CITES conventions. As I mentioned before, if this animal was imported illegally then my blood would be boiling, my background provides me with enough information about the problems these animals are facing in the wild, but I'm not prepaired to join the lynch mob untill presented with factual evidence. Edit: I wasn't too long ago since the UK introduced the dangerous animals act and banned people keeping large cats (1970's I believe). The stories of the Dartmoor beast and such are thought to be based on accounts of large cats being released into the wild to avoid prosecution and such. I don't know if Qatar has something similar, but after a few maulings it will put one into place.
by postin all ur views n in response do u think it wud change me n my thinking?? i dont give a dam care to it... u ppl r just makin it fish market by giving comments as i m not gona do what u all tryin to say.. i will do what my heart wants to... as u ppl think wilds r wilds n cant b tamed as any cost... same as every indivdual...in general if i come up with any suggestions u ppl wont hear n just will insist n do what u want to do... so stop wastin all ur energies in findin Cites n articles n typin out here as it wont affect me or any exotic anima lover ever/.. n by the way a person gains experience by time n not born with experience...if that normad was experienced person he gained it while living n makin animals his pets.... not from the stomach of his mom....huh.... a person callin other idiot is the biggest him/her self..... so stop callin urself idiot....buh W!tH b3sT r3Gard$, AjNaB!
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